HCMC – Light Shreds | 2000 Car Paintings

HCMC – Light Shreds | 2000 Car Paintings

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Opening: 31 Dec, 6 pm
Sàn Art, HCMC

Solo exhibition by American artist Hap Tivey – an artist fascinated with the nature of light. He began creating light installations and sculptures during the late 60s in Los Angeles. For more than thirty years, Tivey’s art has investigated the phenomena of light. In installation, painting, sculpture and projection, he has pursued the concrete experience of light as well as the emotional and theoretical implications it holds for the human condition.

‘2000 Car Paintings’ is the name of a work of art by Hap Tivey that manipulates ideas of light. It is an installation that will consume the entire gallery space of San Art. As a viewer, you will walk into a darkened space where the light of a projected image is thrown from the rear of the space onto a crafted sculpture of rubber. The audience will be able to see two different images from both sides of the projection screen.

Please click here for more information about the exhibition.

Sàn Art
3 Mê Linh
District Bình Thạnh, HCMC


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