HITS plays: Love shorts at L’Espace

HITS plays: Love shorts at L’Espace

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Start Time: Fri 06 Aug, 8 pm
End Time: Sat 07 Aug, 8 pm
“Love Shorts” – A series of short plays, proudly sponsored by Joma

HITS (Hanoi International Theatre Society) cordially presents to you the 4 short plays which are a mix of comedy and drama, real and absurd, shocking and uplifting. All set to spread the love.

The language in plays is English.

This summer 2 HITS “old timers” return to Hanoi to lead proceedings. Both Nadia Engelbrecht and Daniel Levitt used to live in Hanoi and found their love of theatre through acting in numerous HITS shows. Following their new found passion, both are now studying theatre in the USA. However they return to their theatrical routes in Hanoi this summer but this time to wear the director’s shoes!

Lucy Hershon, Christophe Barthe,Brenda Schuster, Chris Bane, Steve Tait, Dana Peterson, David Payne, Daniel Levitt, Ruth Mortimer

Daniel Levitt, Nadia Engelbrecht

Ruth Mortimer

Technical Director:
Nic Jacka

Stage Manager & Crew
Hien Nga, Cate Keane, Tamara Baille, Matt Stanton, Kate Cameron, Thuan Thi Nguyen, Joe Ruelle, Dan Ruelle, Sam Foss, David Jacka

Poster Design
Hugo Balandra


120,000 VND
Available in advance (from 16 Jul) from the following locations:

JOMA, 21 Dien Bien Phu
JOMA, 34 To Ngoc Van
PUKU,16 Tong Duy Tan
GREEN MANGO, 18 Hang Quat
DALUVA, 33 To Ngoc Van
OASIS DELI, 24 Xuan Dieu


Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS)
[email protected]
[email protected]

L’Espace-Centre Culturel Français de Hanoi
Ambassade de France au Vietnam
24, Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội
Tel: (84-4) 39 36 21 64
Fax: (84-4) 39 36 21 65


  1. Dear Ruth Mortimer and HITS staff;
    I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nguyen Van Thang, I’m a Vietnamese, 36 years old, I have my family (wife and two kids) living in HaNoi meanwhile I’m doing my job as a navy officer in Haiphong, 120 km awys from Hanoi.
    I got chance to go overseas sometime in my life, more than that, I got some education (master degree) and close friends afields outside Vietnam since 1995, so I ‘m so much interested in what people from overseas doing good things in Vietnam and for Vietnam, expecially in term of culture and art.
    I got the news of HITS on internet just today. What a nice surprise to see you all have made such a nice society in the heart of Vietnam Hanoi. I hope so much I can join you in this winter activities, be it’s a viewer or a paticipant of yours programme.
    Writing to you this letter, I’d like to take chance introduce to you all one of the potential player for your drama you are setting up. It’s my 9 year old daughter named Phuong Anh. She is a student in the Language Link’s drama class of Ms Dana Peterson. by the way I was so impressive to know Dana the dear teacher of my daughter also take a great part and roll in your August Theater “ Somewhere in the Middle”of Love Shorts.
    Having said that I must say my daughter Phuong Anh was the number one student in that Dana’s Drama class named “Let’s Act”. Her creative and enthusiasm won Dana heart and her English skill made Dana exclaimed many time “I’ve never seen any one as good as you in casting” She attended all 3 shows performed on the 6th and 7th Aug 2010. Castting as the tiger, the Narrator, the crow in the folktales “How the tiger got its stripes”, “the tale of the round and square cake”, and “the starfruit tree” respectively. I hope one of you had taken time to see these shows in Kim Ma theater and Revolution Museum that days, seeing how Phuong Anh enjoyed playing and leading the other rolls to perform well.
    The drama class ended leaving Phuong Anh a big empty pace and feeling. In two weeks already I could see how Phuong Anh changed behavious when she had to leave her beloved teacher, friends and theatre, waiting for another year long to be called again.
    If you can only ask Ms Dana if Phuong Anh can do some thing for HITS then Dana will give you some anwser, or may be Dana will suggest a vacancy for Phuong Anh some next time when she is more grown up and mature.
    So I’d like to take Phuong Anh to your HITS and I’d like you all give her a chance, any chance of getting involved with HITS and its activities. Phuong Anh and the whole family will be more than happy and grateful. Thank you so much and We are looking forwards to seeing you in the near future.
    PS: Can we come and join you on 29 Aug evening in Son Tinh, 31 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho.If yes, Pls, give us a sign.
    Yours sincerely Van Thang.

    • Dear Mr. Thang,

      Thank you for the email and the interest, we’ll forward your email to Ruth and you will hear from her soon :-)

      The Hanoi Grapevine team

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