KVT – Day 9

KVT – Day 9

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KVT’s Diary as he enjoys exploring Hanoi in the final days counting down to Hanoi’s birthday.

KVT says: There is so much great stuff on and so much to see in the lead up to the great day that this opinionated blogger can’t get to the lot…so if you catch an event or a memorable sight send it to [email protected] and we’ll post our favorites so that no one’s left in the dark.

I knew that the BIG MONTH was blessed with good fortune last night when, wandering past a small lake, I was gently ensnared in the lush scent of Hoa Sua trees, a perfume redolent of lovers and warm autumn nights. Then I was surrounded by a glittering green mesh of fireflies. What better omen is needed?

Hanoi’s Guinness Book of Records nominee, the long ceramic dyke wall, has come into its own. It was almost as if it was awaiting the eve of October. Latish last night, with thousands of others, I puttered slowly along its fabulously colorful, chaotic tiled length taking in its myriad themes and watching loads of posed photo shoots. If you gauge the success of the ceramic project by the amount of adulation it’s now receiving from the populace then it’s the cream on top of the celebratory cake. Meander along its length one balmy night and you’ll be amazed. TOTALLY AWESOME.

This morning I walked from the Opera house to Hoan Kiem lake in a swelling river of country folk arriving wide-eyed to be part of the celebrations. We little folk were not allowed anywhere near the actual opening ceremony but thousands watched on giant screens around the lake. Competing with the pageantry and speeches were a few stages occupied by swirling ballet troupes or gorgeously groomed young singers belting out revolutionary and war songs. I discovered that a great vantage point for a stage full of be-ribboned children singing and prancing was a coffee shop on the third floor across the intersection. WORTH SEVERAL VISITS (both the lake and the coffee shop).

Pop into the Fine Arts Gallery at 16 Ngo Quyen (corner of Trang Tien) for an attractive exhibition of lively street-scape water-colors by Duong Viet Nam. IMPRESSIVE

Duong Viet Nam

L’Espace has hosted an interesting installation of lacquer with a difference by Lolo Zazar, whose name alone is exciting enough to tempt you to visit the interesting experiments he’s made with lacquer and polished steel. The lacquer mounts appear to be of time consuming traditional lacquer and sculptural steel cutouts (mostly of Picasso-esque-ish faces) are laid on top. The viewers around me were totally impressed and ‘rat dep’ was a frequent expression. I’m not so taken but I’ll reserve judgment until after a couple more visits. VERY INNOVATIVE.

Lolo Zazar

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