KVT – Vive La Vermeulin

KVT – Vive La Vermeulin

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KVT rapt in ‘Messiean’ic music

It was another of those memorable L’Espace moments that they keep on unwrapping like delicious morsels of dark chocolate… this time by the fingers of diminuative pianist Marie Vermeulin.

French Composer Olivier Messiean (1908-1992) was honoured by many of the world’s best musicians when a boxed set of his compositions was compiled in 1998 and I noticed with interest that pianist Roger Muraro, whom L’Espace has twice hosted in their auditorium in recent years, was one of these. Last week L’Espace hosted young, up and coming Marie Vermeulin who’d also featured in the compilation when she’d accompanied violinist Daniel Hope in ‘Fantasie for Violin and Piano’. Of course, when I found out that Marie had been mentored by Muraro I knew that it may be a concert extraordinaire….and many in the capacity audience would have had the same understanding.

And it was just that…..very,very good.

Marie Vermeulin

Vermeulin didn’t let us off the hook by playing pieces we might easily recognize. She launched into the first of the short works from Messiaen’s 4 Etudes De Rythme, ‘Island of Fire 1’, composed in 1949-50 and then into Debussy’s ‘Estampes’ composed in 1903. Immediately it was into a spellbinding playing of a compilation of excerpts from Debussy’s and Messiean’s preludes – Debussy’s composed about ten years before Messiaen’s more surrealistic pieces. It was an excellent combination of comparison and diversion… and those electrifying Debussy glissandi had our hair standing on end.

A recital that was full of wonderfully dramatic and poetical music that held me rapt from the first seemingly tentative note to the last dramatic chord of the encore.

Totally and electrically bravo stuff.

Thanks so much you wonderful people at L’Espace.

Here are YouTube samples of some of the pieces in the concert

and one of la Vermeulin that doesn’t do her justice but which shows her deceptive diminuative stature.

Photos by L’Espace

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