Berlinale Shorts in Hanoi

Berlinale Shorts in Hanoi

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27 and 28 Jul 2013, 7 pm
Goethe Institut

From Goethe Institut:

In the series “Berlinale Shorts Go Exterior” short films of the International Film Festival of Berlin go on a journey. Specially for the Goethe-Institute Hanoi, Maike Mia Höhne, curator of the Berlinale Shorts, composed 2 programs of 13 films of the previous Berlinale years, which will be presented on the 27th and 28th of July 2013 at 7pm.

“The Berlinale Shorts are a forum for the short form in the festival. A place for uncompromising films, which take a undisguised look on the present. Filmmakers are artists, who are aware of the formal possibilities and furthermore have the whole picture of cinematography in sight. Berlinale Shorts are films, which go beyond the event and contribute to the understanding. At once around the globe and back. The beginning is everywhere and here and now. Maike Mia Höhne invites the hanoian audience: “Please come and see by yourself!”

She gives us an insight into both of the programs beforehand:

“The first program is a tell about the others, who are coming back. The others, who live isolated. At the end of the day people carry the Maria up and an ocean of colours bursts out. Reflected in the previous film are those colours. These films are mirrors and complete the dialogue about the relation to the image. When the soldier sings about his big love and she is joining him at the end, there is forgiveness, unlike the thoughts West Europe could ever have, and remains quiet.

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Programm II is a look on farewell, on farewell and its handling. If clichés are avoided, emotions are made possible. Deep emotions, which enable farewells. And at the end there is the goodbye and life goes on. Just like that, with the knowledge about the consolation, along. Simple.”

The International Film Festival of Berlin, also well-known as Berlinale, is the major film festival in Germany as well as the major audience festival worldwide. Films of all kinds of genre, length and format find a place in the several sections of the Berlinale.

Free entry to the Screening.

Berlinale Shorts Hanoi Programm I

Filmscreening | 27.07.2013, 7pm

LICURI SURF by Guile Martins (2011, Brasil, 15′):”An Adventure on the waves”
SUDSANAN (TERRIBLY HAPPY) by Pimpaka Towira (2010, Thailand, 30′): “Forgiveness must come from inside”
PANCHABHUTA (THE FIVE ELEMENTS) by Mohan Kumar Valasala (2011, India, 15′): “Earth, water, fire, air and ether: the five elements, life and space”
DIE RUHE BLEIBT (QUIET REMAINS) by Stefan Kriekhaus (2013, Germany, 14′): “One intern, one shot”
GIARDINI DI LUCE (GARDEN OF LIGHT) by Lucia and Davide Pepe (2009, Italy, 12′): “The celebration of the holy Tryphon in the garden of lights”
ECHO by Merlin Flügel (2012, Germany, 5′): “governed by an echo”

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Berlinale Shorts Hanoi Programm II

Filmscreening | 28.07.2013, 7pm

COLIVIA (THE CAGE) by Adrian Sitaru (2009, Rumania/Netherlands, 17′): “Relation: Dove, Father, Mother”
KARRABING. LOW TIDE TURNING by Liza Johnson and Elizabeth A. Povinelli (2012, Australia, 14′) “Out of the flat into the bush”
HAVET (THE SEA) by Jöns Jönsson (2008, Germany, 23′): “Pelle and Agneta: dance with 60”
SWITEZ (THE LOST TOWN OF SWITEZ) by Kamil Polak (2010, Poalnd/Switzerland/France/ Canada/Denmark, 21′): “From a poem to an animation in three acts”
MISTERIO (Mystery) by Chema García Ibarra (2013, Spain, 12′): “If you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin speak.”
RAO YI SHENG (DOKTOR RAO) by Alexej Tchernyi and Wu Zhi (2011, Germnay, 7′): “Doctor Rao died”
EIN MÄDCHEN NAMENS YSSABEAU (A WOMAN CALLED YSSABEAU) by Rosana Cuellar (2011, Germany/Mexico, 18′): “The journey of a young Woman”

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