Author Reading and Screening of ”The Taste of Apple Seeds”

Author Reading and Screening of ”The Taste of Apple Seeds”

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The Taste of Apple Seeds 1

Sat 24 May 2014, 6 pm
Goethe Institut

From Goethe Institut:

Katharina Hagena reads aloud from her novel “The Taste of Apple Seeds”, afterwards screening of the film adaption.

The author reading and film screening is within the context of 4th European Literature Days, part of the Europe Days in Vietnam 2014.

In Germany, this book was immediately a great success. Meanwhile, it has been translated into many languages and filmed: Katharina Hagena’s family novel about women of three generations, about remembering and forgetting – moving, humorous and wise.

The Taste of Apple Seeds 2

About ”The Taste of Apple Seeds”

When her grandmother Bertha died, Iris inherits her house. After many years, this young woman is standing inside the old house of her grandmother again where she used to play dress-up with her cousin during summer holidays. She wanders through the rooms and the overgrown garden, and the longer she stays inside this house, the more intensive her memories become. Old family stories and impressions from her childhood, impressions on what her mother used to tell about her sisters, and Iris‘ own memories of an accident where her cousin died… so many stories, so many secrets.

Iris stays one week inside the house. She doesn’t even know whether she wants to keep it. She swims in a lake, has a visit, kisses the brother of a former friend and paints a wall. While going from room to room, she goes through her own memories and her own forgetting: What has her grandfather really done before going to war? Which men did Bertha’s daughters love? Who has eaten his apple with its seeds? Finally, Iris gets back to the night when her cousin Rosmarie had the accident: What has Rosmarie done on the rooftop of the winter garden? And did she want to tell Iris something before?

Watch the trailer:

About the author

Katharina Hagena was born in Karlsruhe in 1967. From 1986 to 1992, she studied Anglistics and Germanistics. She did a doctor’s degree in James Joyce’ “Ulysses” and lectured in literature at several universities in Ireland and Germany. Today, Katharina Hagena is a freelance author and lives with her family in Hamburg.

Free entrance.

Language: German with English and Vietnamese subtitles.

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