Hue – Exhibition “Unique Footprint” and “Debonair Coins”

Hue – Exhibition “Unique Footprint” and “Debonair Coins”

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Exhibition Unique Footprint and Debonair Coins

Opening: Fri 28 Nov 2014, 5 pm
Exhibition: 28 Nov – 05 Dec 2014
New Space Arts Foundation, Hue

From the organizer:

You are invited to art exhibitions “Unique Footprint” by artist Claudia Blaesi (Germany) and “Debonair Coins” by artist Satadru Sovan Banduri (India).

Artist statement of Satadru sovan Banduri:


As a scholar, my portrayal is a psycho-geographical relocation of humankind. The claim of my enterprise is that disorientation allows for the possibility of new discoveries. So according to a Situationist framework, by cutting and re-pasting social depict I wish to express an alternate reading of the aesthetic of both countries.


Delhi – Hue …..India …Vietnam my soul drag me to explore ethnological grass-root cultural of continent. My work begun to blur with cultural practice and social metamorphose. My multi -disciplinary work also collaborative affably calculative. Delhi -Hue -Delhi is cooperatively community research.The Cross Cultural emerge from my continuing work with social ethnic and dialogue between two Countries then India and Vietnam.


My work is multi-disciplinary new media art practices. In my art praxis is also fellow collaborative as well calculative of cultural. The Cutting Edge dialogue revitalises me and motivates to continue my art implementation. Society-activism and participatory cultural is my core element of my work.I work with many discourse of medium like dialogue to Lens- based art to Techno-soft-realism. My voicing is also installation ,video art ,sound art, Led-tecno,Led-Trans-lite , Led twinkle light and Improvised performance.


The subject matters in my work involves socio-cultural changes in a global society, the post cyber movement. What my terms as ‘psychedelic openness’ is according to me, the fundamental principle of the Netizen as well open source social networking. I am inquisitive in how cultural experiences have shaped us all, where these distinctions overlap, and where unique, hybrid and unconventional cultural forms emerge with a trans-cultural gender vocabulary.My art practice about to Society-activism and participatory cultural. At NSAF, Hue my project is HUMAN TRAFFICKING and Masculinity.”

Artist statement of Claudia Blaesi:

“This is a personal cultural collection of media impression.
In my thoughts of expression about media, culture is reflected on my artwork.
My previous work was abstract paintings, oil on canvas, large size and very impulsive as well as expressive.

This residency drive me to explore a new body of work. The place seems to be a wonderful chance to explore a new kind of artwork. I decide to work on cultural collection of media sources. And this work is addressing towards Vietnamese cultural connotation. My artistic soul is driving me to find social media interpretation in many places at Hue City.
I was collected different magazines, newspapers, comic books, journal, advertisement, currency impression, ritual paper a.s.o., just what I could find.
All the material is really very impressive and new to me. The only barrier is language. But I am a visual artist, so I try to read the visual story and visual interpretation in it. New visual effects. Sometimes very surprising.
I builded my understanding of the local media images in my own creative diagram.
I had a lot of fun with some humorous interpretation of founded pictures.
Myself did not bother about engraving the meanings underneath of the
visual-object. I would like to use that quality on top of my work of art.
I did a mockery with the found images and create a new layer of gestural expression.
I’ll elaborate my artistic language with colour, graffiti brush and my poetic rhythm get express on the canvas with doodling of music.
In my walking tour, memory begun to blur with respectable Vietnam flag.
When I think about colour palates that time my brush touch the red and yellow colour and unconcealed way come up on my canvas.
I am happy to be here!”

New Space Arts Foundation
2nd Floor, Number 15 Le Loi, Hue City
Tel: +84 543 600 668


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