Book Launch “Through the Windows of Life”

Book Launch “Through the Windows of Life”

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Book Launch Through the Windows of Life

Sun 26 Apr 2015, 2 pm

From the organizer:

We’re glad to meet you again in another event of Humans of Hà Nội. Ever since HOHN was founded, we have been working on a voluntary basis and haven’t had any regular financial supports from any organizations or individuals. Throughout one year of development, we always keep providing readers with 2-3 photographic stories a day. With one exhibition and one talk show held, we have gradually assert our aggressive and responsible working style. Perhaps that’s the reason why we have received the support from more than 110,000 fans on Facebook and many encouragements daily. In response to your love, we have always strived for the best products to satisfy all of our readers. The book “Through the windows of life” can be regarded as a brainchild of ours, which we would like to give to all of your as a token of our gratitude.

Currently, the Crowdfunfing campaign for the book is launched here.

This is also a big effort of ours with a view to maintaining, expanding and developing our activities in the near future. This will also equip us with vital energy to turn HOHN from a popular Fan Page into a “warehouse” where the history of Hanoians and part of their manners and spirits- at this very moment and site – is stored.

Let’s support us:
– So that the stories about Hanoians will be better preserved.
– So that the voice of the disadvantaged will come closer to the society.
– So that we can get closer to each other.
– And so that we – Humans of Hà Nội – can keep telling stories about Hanoians.

Further information can be found at the crowdfunding site of the project.

Institut Français de Hanoi – L’Espace
24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội


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