Contact Improvisation workshop

Contact Improvisation workshop

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Wed 23 Dec, 6.30 – 9.30 pm – Rescheduled for Jan 2010
Apsara Studio
137 Nghi Tam
Tay Ho, Hanoi

Contact Improvisation is a form of moving, dancing, exploring, mostly through contact with a partner. Our bodies are the starting point: we’ll learn and explore solo and pair improvisation, leading, following, letting things happen, being surprised.

The workshop will cover the basics: partnering, giving weight, leading, following, rolling, carrying. Some solo work, some ground work, a lot of partner work. If you’re interested, please sign up with:

Apsara Studio
Tel: 37197916
Email: [email protected]

We need to be at least 6 to make the workshop happen, so please if you know someone who could be interested, let them know!

Price: VND 300,000


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