The Fourth Film Community Program

The Fourth Film Community Program

Sat 30 Jan, 2 pm

Whether you are a cinema student, a new face or an experienced director, act directing and working with actors is never an easy task. Where to find the cast? How to persuade them with your low budget? How to communicate to them the way they should act in a particular scene? How to work with baby, amateur and experienced actors? All of these questions will be discussed and answered in the fourth meeting of the Film Community.

This time, together with presentations of Film Community members on their short-film projects, there will be a presentation given by director Pham Nhue Giang on Directing and work with the Actor, followed by her discussion with participants.


• Part 1: Screening of short film Fire Ants (Director Hai Anh – 10 months for 10 films Project 2005). Discussion with guest – Pham Nhue Giang on Directing.

• Part 2: Presentations of 2 filmmakers on their own projects, followed by discussion.

The program is non-profit, free-entranced.

The Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents was established with the purposes of designing and implementing programs to assist and develop movie talents and other activities for the development of Vietnamese cinema.

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