KVT – The Second Public Autopsy – Full Bottles

KVT – The Second Public Autopsy – Full Bottles

KVT 2013Autopsy of Days 2-1

KVT into autopsies at Goethe.

(Vietnamese version available – Đã có bản dịch tiếng Việt)

Autopsy of Days 2-2

The Autopsy show at Goethe continues to make my fingers tingle and to appreciate the concept see my previous post.

Most viewers of the photographs at Goethe will be brought to a standstill by the black and white pieces by Binh Dang that have an immediate ethereal appeal..… and some viewers will give a spiritual sigh.

Autopsy of Days 2-3

When I was arrested by them I couldn’t help but recall the 1980ies video, ‘The Messenger’, by Bill Viola which is still shown to great effect in cathedrals throughout the world.

and also photographs by shock artist Andre Serano, whose famous and infamous religious objects submerged in human body fluid floated through my brain…the most controversial-though undeniably very beautiful – being.

Autopsy of Days 2-4

Autopsy of Days 2-5

It doesn’t take too long to reach the intended realization that these photographs are of animals suspended in large glass containers of rice wine.

Autopsy of Days 2-6

Dependent on the viewer’s cultural background the emotional reaction can be revulsion at the preserved fate of the animals featured……

Autopsy of Days 2-7

Or a seethe of indignation at the sight of pickled endangered creatures

Autopsy of Days 2-8

or, in the case of the observer who believes in the medicinal or sexual potencies that the wine is spuming with, an interest, and an understanding; even, perhaps, observed with a thirst dawning in the back of the throat.

Autopsy of Days 2-9

Despite ones emotional hang-ups, in the end you have to admit Dang’s body of work is absolutely gorgeous!

Autopsy of Days 2-10

I can imagine them enlarged several times and ensconced in their own white walled gallery. What an exhibition they would make!

Autopsy of Days 2-11

Autopsy of Days 2-12

Right alongside Dang’s luscious series is one by Khong Viet Bach that even that maestro of urban photography, Nguyen The Son would appreciate.

Autopsy of Days 2-13

For a long time I’ve schemed of catching for posterity the dichotomy that tickles my fancy whenever I see a building site surrounded by hoardings that promise dreams of living in unbounded luxury?

Autopsy of Days 2-14

This very confident and able photographer has made a series of 15 pictures that speak poetically, poignantly and satirically.

Autopsy of Days 2-15

As an impressive sociological series it points out that growing gap between the rich and the poor.

Autopsy of Days 2-16

And highlights the material aspirations of the affluent middle class whose life styles are a bit of a mystery to the proletariat.

Autopsy of Days 2-17

I kept referring back to that 1930ies novel ‘Dumb Luck’ by Vu Trong Phung that very effectively and with guffaws of belly laughs satirized the social climbing life styles of the nouveau riche…..who invariably take themselves very seriously.

Autopsy of Days 2-18

It’s a body of work that you can spend a long while exploring and then go back to watching the interiors of those Korean and middle class Vietnamese soapies with renewed interest.

Autopsy of Days 2-19

A delicious series that also deserves to be enlarged and given its own exhibition.

Next the artist could take on with tongue in cheek the plethora of interior design shops that have sprung up like magic mushrooms to tickle and inflame our fancies.

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