KVT – Dong Phong Saves the Day with Delectably Affordable Art

KVT – Dong Phong Saves the Day with Delectably Affordable Art

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KVT 2014

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1422

(Vietnamese version available / Đã có bản dịch tiếng Việt)

KVT and some visual art that made him do a couple of handstands, back springs and even yodel with joy.

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1441

Lately I’ve been getting a bit despondent about the state of arty things in the city. I was just climbing out of my heat induced lethargy and ennui to write a few nice words about the Monks and Nuns on show at Module 7 and trying to get enough enthusiasm for a hot day ramble to the suburbs to see how Ha Tri Hieu was re-inventing himself at Art Vietnam when I got waylaid at the delectable Affordable Art Show at the teeny but delectable Dong Phong art room…an offshoot of the main Dong Phong Gallery…and not far from the Press Club in Ly Dao Thanh Street.

It’s the perfect show for prospective buyers who don’t know a lot about Vietnamese art and artists to get a little bit up close and personal with ten of the most salable mature male artists, with one, who is just hitting the big time in a big way, thrown into the fray.

I’VE DECIDED TO DO A DOUBLE BANGER WRITE UP ABOUT THE SHOW because it’s just too nice for one big bite

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1439

I’ve had a very soft spot for Mr Long at Dong Phong ever since, way back in the early years of this century I stumbled into his first and equally delectable and much larger Gallery in Ngo Quyen., across the road from the Metropole, where he allowed me to fall in love with the especially delectable, early works of painter Ha Manh Thang whom I consider is one of Vietnam’s most important contemporary artists.

The Dong Phongs realize that most of us can’t afford the thousands of dollars for lots of large canvasses, and, even if we can, we haven’t got the space to hang them. Instead they’re giving us a rare chance to snap up a bargain from some of the best practitioners they deal with….see their arty mob here.

If you are into starting a collection you SHOULDN’T miss out on the small pieces by the youngest of the ten, Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet (born 1988) from Hue and whose large works are in huge demand….such as this 205 x 90 cm beauty that sold as soon as it was seen in Hue.

dong phong summer  tank 3

Viet has a really delectable selection of small acrylics on newspaper or cardboard.

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1417

At $100 a piece they should be snapped up

Two of them already are – by me. This fish on newspaper

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1418

and one totally delectable one of a cricket on raw cardboard called ‘Summer’

dong phong summer 1

Dong Phong summer 2

The following are all so good that I’m hoping for another birthday soon

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1419

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1420

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1421

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1422

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1424

If you have a spare $250 you’d have a nice investment with a distinctive acrylic on old exhibition invitations by well known artist Do Minh Tam (born 1967)

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1399

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1400

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1401

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1402

And with a spare $450 you cold have one of his equally distinctive acrylics on canvas

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1398

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1397

I immediately fell madly in love with Ly Hung Anh’s (born 1975) blackbirds…one with a foaming beer and one with a watermelon and a whimsical steal at $300

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1407

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1406

Anh’s red and black, stylistic ink drawings on paper and displayed in the front window are $150 and would be prized by the world’s best tattoo artists

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1408

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1409

Another artist whose work is really collectable is Le Quy Tong (born 1977) and his mixed media prints are worth much more than a cursory glance and are a major departure from his usual delectably dripping head canvasses. The nude series are particularly nice and the take on Andy Warhol a treat with the rural piece being another I’d set my sights on.. They are $400 a piece

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1432

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1433

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1434

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1435

I began this opinion piece by thanking the Dong Phong for introducing me to Ha Manh Thang (born 1980) so a fitting place to finish installment one is with the affordable and extremely beautiful flowers by this extremely talented man

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1427

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1428

And for people like me who are still infatuated with Thang’s early collages that began to build up his name until it was in bright lights, a couple of representative pieces are purchasable at $500

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1430

Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1431


Affordable Art-Dong Phong_1425

Apologies for quality of images ….As I’ve oft stated, I’m a bit of a luddite with technical things, especially cameras

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