A Documentary on the History of Nha San Collective

A Documentary on the History of Nha San Collective

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Nha San Collective team - Photo by Pham Vu Anh Minh
Nha San Collective team celebrating their new location at 24 Ly Quoc Su – Photo by Pham Vu Anh Minh

Earlier this year Nha San Collective celebrated their 15th anniversary of the journey to contribute to the art scene in Vietnam. And recently they have just finished a documentary about the last 15 years and the film was screened during their art tours at the Exhibition “The Clouds Will Tell”. They said:

“Let’s take a look at 15 years of Nha San Collective’s history – the journey of many passionate artists who inspire and make art together. We hope contemporary art will gradually come closer to the public…and with your support our journey will continue.”

Here is the film shared on Nha San’s youtube channel:

Nhà Sàn COLLECTIVE is not a museum, a gallery or an international culture institute where completed work are presented by established artists. Just like Nhà Sàn Studio before, it is a working studio to nurture where artists can create, collaborate, be given advices, critiques, and have chances to meet with international artists, curators. Works that are presented at open studio every month could be finished or not, but the process of developing idea and working to improve the quality of the art work for local artists is what Nhà Sàn COLLECTIVE focus on.

If you are interest and curious about experimental art, and want to have conversation with the working artists, please visit

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2nd floor, 24 Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi
Website: www.nhasanstudio.org
Email: [email protected]


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