Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Live In Concert

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Live In Concert

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Jazz pianist and composer Tsuyoshi Yamamoto. Photo from ticketvn.com
Jazz pianist and composer Tsuyoshi Yamamoto. Photo from ticketvn.com

Sat 10 Dec 2016, 8 pm
Hanoi Opera House

From the organizer:

You are invited to the jazz music night “Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Live In Concert” on 10 Dec at Hanoi Opera House. This is a musical feast dedicated to the audience for celebrate the New Year Eve.

Yamamoto will come to Vietnam with his entire band and perform the most famous works as “The Way We Are”, “Autumn in Seattle”, “Misty”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Sound of music Medley”… in “Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Live in Concert”.

Imagine listening to a piano trio, alone in the middle of the night as you sip your favourite drink.
The Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio offers just such a mood. Yamamoto is highly musical and his expressions natural. Neither overly technical nor overly serious, and his performance is relaxed and melodious. The closely-knit trio plays here, with Isoo Fukui on bass and Tetsujiro Obara on drums.

Listen to a few tracks from their album “Misty” here:

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto was born on 23rd March 1946. He started to play the piano when he was in primary school. In junior high school, he played the trumpet. His interest in jazz began when he first heard Art Blakey’s tunes in the French movie, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”. It inspired him to return to the piano, to perfect his technique. During his university years, he played for Mickey Curtis and the Samurais and began his professional career, including tours with the group in Europe. Following this, he joined other bands and played in clubs. In l973, he formed his own band. As he polished his piano skills, he came to idolize pianists such as Bobby Timmons, Wynton Kelly and Red Garland. Yamamoto’s melodic technique and phrasing reflect Kelly’s influence. His use of block chords in ballads is similar to Garland’s. He had also heard Monk’s solo. When this record was made, his chief interest was pianists such as Randy Weston. Isoo Fukui was born on 10 April 1947 and came to Tokyo in 1968. He has played in a number of groups and in 1972 joined the Masaru Imada Trio. Tetsujiro Obara was born on 23 March 1941. At the university he played in the brass band. In l965,he became a professional. He has played in a number of bands, in many clubs and formed his own band. His favourite drummer is Elvin Jones.


Ticket prices: 800.000, 1.000.000, 1.500.000, 2.000.000, 2.500.000, 3.000.000, 3.500.000, 5.000.000, 6.000.000 VND. All tickets available at Hanoi Opera House or can book online at ticketvn.com.

For free delivery Call: 0913489858, 0983067996.

Hanoi Opera House
1 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

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