Exhibition of Handwritten Letters in the Past Century

Exhibition of Handwritten Letters in the Past Century

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Exhibition: 07 Jan – 07 Feb 2018
A Letter Home
20 Alley 33 Tan Ap street, Phuc Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From the organizers:

Handwritten letters could very well be the most beautiful means of communication between humans. They not only store information but also lessen conflicts between us. When you write something down and send it to another person, things slow down, and if the anger is present, it will be eased. Intellectuals, collectors, even families have been storing these letters for years through generations. Some still keep writing letters as a habit, which is such natural, quiet, beautiful things that move me.

And so I would like to share this quiet beauty through this exhibition at A Letter Home. In the process of collecting these letters, I encounter some very interesting ones in the last 100 years, those of intellectuals, of normal people, even letters about work. I hope that you can imagine the eras of writing and written words in Vietnam, the complicated details in handwritten letters in the earlier years – customized letter paper, seals, symbols, signature paper size – and gain more knowledge on handwriting and words.

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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