Photo Series “We Are Still Here” about Duong Noi Village

Photo Series “We Are Still Here” about Duong Noi Village

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A photo series about the Duong Noi Village in Ha Dong District, Hanoi was recently uploaded to the Facebook page “Chuyện của Thịnh” (The stories of Thịnh).

According to Thịnh Nguyễn, the photographer, the series is about a group of local residents amongst the 200 households that did not accept compensation for land acquisition from the State, and remained living in the village – which has been turned into a new urban area – in the past 10 years.

In June 2006, a decision to re-plan Ha Dong town (the former capital city of Ha Tay Province) until 2020 was approved by the then Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. As part of the adjustment, most of the lands in Duong Noi ward would be turned into urban lands, reported. Objection, complaints and petitions against land acquisition in the three areas Le Trong Tan, Duong Noi and An Huong have been ongoing since March 2008.

“Yes, they are still here, ‘We are still here’. Hundreds of villas bought by no one, standing there, covered by moss and getting all rusty… This photo series is their journey of “taking back” their land, not a specific square of land for a specific individual, but the land they have lived in for generations and considered home,” the photographer wrote.

“I am not carrying the pain of Duong Noi’s residents, I am only trying to help them to make people understand their struggle.”

See the full photo series “We are still here”:

Photographer: Thịnh Nguyễn

The photo series is published on Hanoi Grapevine with the photographer’s permission.


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