Symposium Program: Contemporary and Experimental Music in Southeast Asia

Symposium Program: Contemporary and Experimental Music in Southeast Asia

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17 – 20 Dec 2018, 10 am – 5.30 pm
Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Southeast Asia Building
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Nguyen Van Huyen Str, Hanoi

From Hanoi New Music Festival 2018:

What currents are gradually emerging in the discursive space in the contemporary and experimental music scene in Southeast Asia? What are the sounds of silence — which we have overheard — while we voice our sounds and hear only of ourselves?

Most of the Southeast Asian countries have inherited the legacy from a prolonged colonial period. Looking at the practices of contemporary music and art in the region, on one hand, we have found traces of such influences from the past that carry on to the present. On the other hand, we observe the encounters with globalization and cultural disruption happening on a rapid level. The post-colonial paradigm coupled with the evolved heritage is two sides of the coin: How to live with the other while remain ourselves?

Another notable trends in the region is a growing role of technology in art-making, especially seen in multimedia pieces. What are the possibilities in terms of thinking and making with technology? Does it promise an increasing convenient future while still maintaining the human contact among us? Also, what intrigues us about this scene is the meeting of the non-academic and the academic: Can these two communities collaborate, learn and work with each other? Or will they remain two separate entities?

The four days of our Symposium Program aims at sitting back together, listening to one another and pondering over such questions:

Moderator: Dr. Barley Norton (UK)
10:00 – 16:30: Presentations
– Musical Transformations through Intercultural Collaboration by Nguyen Thanh Thuy and Stefan Östersjö (Vietnam and Sweden)
– An Overview of Traditional and Contemporary Performing Arts in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic by Dr. Bountheng Souksavatd (Laos)
– The Angklung Kulintang Ensemble, a Singapore Phenomenon by Dr. De Silva Alicia Joyce (Singapore)
– Before and After Tradition is Contemporary by Nguyen Xuan Son (Vietnam)
– The Sandaya: A Story of Recovering Burmese Music by Ne Myo Aung (Myanmar)
– Building Capacity and Independence: Artists for Social Transformation in Cambodia by Song Seng (Cambodia)
15:15 – 16:45: Open Discussion
17:00 – 17:30: “After 5” Action On-site by Yii Kah Hoe

Moderator: Tran Duy Hung (Vietnam)
10:00 – 16:30: Presentations
– How Should We React to the Growth of Technology by Dr. Otto Sidharta (Indonesia)
– Musicialising a Scientific Theory by Dr. Joyce Beetuan Koh (Singaopore)
– Another Sound in Chiang Penh to Phnom Mai by Arnont Nongyao (Thailand)
– Echoes in the Uncanny Valley by Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu (Thailand)
– Ephemeral Arts and Autonomy in Artists Network by Kai Lam (Singapore)
– Extracted, Spliced & Sublimated: Exploring Intersections with Art & Technology by Arvin Nogueras (Philippines)
15:15 – 16:45: Open Discussion
17:00 – 17:30: “After 5” Action On-site by Elico Suzuki
*In line with this improvisational piece, Elico Suzuki will also have a transdisciplinary sound art installation, called “Piano Plays Piano”, set in the area of the Museum.

Moderator: Dayang Yraola (Philippines)
10:00 – 16:30: Presentations
– Orchestral Music, Ritual and Politics in Decolonizing Vietnam
by Dr. Barley Norton (UK)
– The Music of Malaysian Nationalism: Cultural Identity and Values
by Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia)
– … As This Music Happens, So Did I by Dr. Anothai Nitibhon (Thailand)
– Putri Anak: The Quest for the Recovery of Southeast Asian Myth, Music, and Drama in a Philippine Spanish Colonial Genre by Dr. Verne de la Pena (Philippines)
– Quality Music Education – a Good First Step to Unpacking and Understanding Our Cultural Consensus by Dr. Hoh Chung Shih (Singapore)
– Post-colonial Influences on Education, Use and Promotion of Musical Heritage in Vietnam by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thuy Loan (Vietnam)
15:15 – 16:45: Open Discussion
17:00 – 17:30: “After 5” Action On-site by Anothai Nitibhon

DEC 20 — Academic and Non-academic Currents in SEA Contemporary Experimental Music: Specialized or Connected?
Moderator: Le Thuan Uyen (Vietnam)
10:00 – 16:30: Presentations
– An Alternative Approach by Siew-Wai Kok (Malaysia)
– Multi-layered Ethnic and Cultural Influences in My Musical Compositions by Dr. Kee Yong Chong (Malaysia)
– My Work As a Composer by Tran Manh Hung (Vietnam)
– Genealogy of Sound Practice in Manila by Dayang Yraola (Philippines)
– How Jogja Noise Bombing Explodes Onto the Music Scene by Martinus Indra Hermawan (Indonesia)
– Making Music with Non-Musician by Otomo Yoshihide (Japan)
15:15 – 16:45: Open Discussion
17:00 – 17:30: “After 5” Action On-site by Arnont Nongyao

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