Exhibition “Echo” by Tran Van An

Exhibition “Echo” by Tran Van An

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Opening: Tue 09 Apr 2019, 5.30 pm
Exhibition: 09 – 15 Apr 2019, 8.30 am – 5 pm
Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From the organizers:

You are invited to the solo exhibition “Echo” by sculptor Tran Van An.

This is Tran Van An’s first solo exhibition after 9 years of his art career (2010-2019), showcasing his new works made from metal (iron and stainless steel), shaped with mounding and electric welding techniques.

Inheriting the skillful traditions in metallurgy of ancient Vietnamese people with typical artifacts such as Dong Son bronze drums, weapons, armors, sculptures of humans and animals, working tools … “Echo” by Tran Van An continues of that flow of tradition. By working with pieces of metal of various sizes, the artist welded on the surface of metal pieces with strong welded joints shaped like the rivets decorating iron armors and helmets of the ancient Dai Viet army, yet with the spirit of modern visual arts. These metal pieces were shaped individually by the artist, each with different story and was put together into groups in the exhibition, like the scattered armor plates of Dai Viet, with only a few remaining pieces buried under the ground.


About Tran Van An:

– Tran Van An (born 1981 in Y Yen – Nam Dinh, based in Hanoi).
– Alma mater: Vietnam Fine Arts University – Sculpture, Class 52 (2008 – 2013).
– MA in Sculpture – Vietnam Fine Arts University, Class 16 (2013 – 2016).
Tran Van An participated in art activities from 2010 until now with many exhibitions, art workshops and creative camps in Vietnam and abroad. In addition to these artistic activities, he has also won numerous awards through exhibitions organized by the Department of Photography and Exhibition; Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
Notable activities include:
– Joined the festival “Arts and culture festival at Arts For Fife Cente #2” in Trang – Thailand in 2018.
– Joined the workshop and international art exhibition “Hanoi March Connecting” in its 2nd and 3rd editions in Hanoi in 2017 and 2018
– Joined the workshop and exhibition “The May Sculpture Workshop” in its 1st and 2nd editions at Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2017 and 2018.
– Joined “Pulau Ketam International Art festival” in Pulau ketam – Malaysia in 2016.
– Joined “Echo from nature” in 2016.
– Joined “Art in the Forest” at Flamingo Dai Lai in 2015.
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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 8.30 am – 5 pm
Telephone: +84 (0)243 733 2131 – Hotline: 1800 6576


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