Webinar and Online survey: Being creative in the face of crisis –...

Webinar and Online survey: Being creative in the face of crisis – How to grow resilience together


10 July 2020, 03 pm – 04:30 pm
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From Hanoi Grapevine

Vietnamese creative hubs and creative professionals are facing remarkable challenges created by coronavirus pandemic, and, on top of that, the ongoing uncertainty of a fast developing economy with a legal system that doesn’t recognize creative hubs’ existence. Living in constant changes and unpredictable challenges is an opportunity to grow resilience by sharing resources and talents and building a new mindset. On this occasion, Hanoi Grapevine would like to build such an opportunity by hosting a webinar for cultural creative hubs, art and culture organisations, and creative practitioners to meet, to share information and to discuss collaborations. The webinar is named:
Being creative in the face of crisis – How to grow resilience together

The webinar is organised with the generous support from the British Council, the European Union and Vietnam Creative hubs’ Initiative ViCHI under the project Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam 2018-2021.

The webinar will focus on sharing information, exchanging resources, presenting collaborative ideas and projects among individuals and organisations including international and local ones in both public and private sector who share the same vision of working in art and culture for a sustainable future.

Challenges could be: a pandemic, out of funding, change of location, change of direction, losing talents and skilled staff, change of culture, etc…

Webinar participants will have the chance to: a/listen to experienced and inspirational key speakers’ stories – how they deal with challenges, b/join the Q&A session with them, and c/look for possible collaborators
The webinar is suitable for: Creative individuals, leaders and workers of cultural and creative hubs, private enterprises, or public organisations in Vietnam working in the cultural creative sector who are looking for collaboration, inspiration and resources to support one another’s and/or to overcome their own challenges.

Do the survey: How have you been affected by COVID-19
To prepare and design useful content for webinar participants, we invite you to fill in this Survey form. We will share with you the survey result during and after the webinar.

Webinar timeline

15.00 – 15.05: Welcome and technical guide by British Council Vietnam
15.05 – 15.15: Hanoi Grapevine’s sharing. Introduction of special guest speakers
15.15 – 15.30: Guest speaker 1 – what is happening outside Vietnam
15.30 – 15.45: Guest speaker 2 – local situation
15.45 – 16.00: Guest speaker 3 – An artist’s story
16:00-16:25: Q&A with guest speakers and experts. Matchmaking ideas/projects/resources
16:25 – 16:30: Closing speech and reminding about future events and extra info by the British Council./

Organiser: Hanoi Grapevine
Sponsored by: the British Council, the European Union, Vietnam’s Creative Hubs Initiative – ViCHI.
Online platform: Microsoft Teams

About Hanoi Grapevine:

Founded in 2007, Hanoi Grapevine has always been an independent and reputable online news source about arts and culture in Vietnam followed by tens of thousands of audiences. Hanoi Grapevine’s ongoing mission is to support independent artists, contemporary arts and culture movements, new forms and languages of expression. Through this main purpose, we select high quality events by reliable organisers and introduce those events to the audience. We do interviews with artists, write reviews and opinions about arts. We organise talks, seminars, and workshops. All we do is to encourage creative thinking and actions towards an empathetic lifestyle.

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