Online Exhibition: Every Body’s Story

Online Exhibition: Every Body’s Story

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Photo credit: Julia Davigora

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From the organizer:

“Every Body’s Story” is a showcase of artwork by Ellen Downes. 18 women across Hanoi had their body cast to be part of this project celebrating the diversity and beauty of the female body.

About the Exhibition:

This online exhibition shows a series of golden torso casts which were exhibited at QUA. Art Space in Hanoi in January 2020. On Sept 21st the show is going online in a virtual gallery space, so this series and the stories within it can be shared to more people living in Hanoi, and beyond.

Every body has a story.

18 women across Hanoi have had their body cast to be part of this project. They have been bold, honest and brave. They have shared stories about their relationship with their body.

The casts are exhibited alongside the stories of the women behind them. These women are from different backgrounds, each with their own relationship and experience with their bodies; some of their experiences are heart-rending, some uplifting. They reveal how it felt to see their body cast for the first time.

This show is about promoting positive body image. It rejects unrealistic beauty standards. It is a celebration of the diversity and beauty of the female body, in all its forms.

About the Artist:

Ellen Downes is an Artist and Curator currently based in Bristol, UK. Her work explores community, womens’ stories and social justice. She spent 2 years living in Hanoi running creative projects, exhibitions and workshops. She worked as Country Coordinator for Fashion Revolution Vietnam and curated events and exhibitions for The Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

Ellen Downes: “We see ourselves in 2D; in our reflection, the mirror and in photos but it is rare for us to see our own form in 3D. It gives a whole new perspective and understanding of the body. The aim of this project is to present the diversity of the female body in all its forms, reject unrealistic beauty standards and encourage us to celebrate our bodies as they are: unique and varied. I hope this will create much-needed space where we can share personal stories and begin important conversations about women’s relationships with their bodies.”


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