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Sat 06 – 16 Feb 2021, 02 pm
Dao Anh Khanh Studio
No. 7, Alley 462 Ngọc Thụy, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Dao Anh Khanh
Patrizio Mancuso – Strange Behavior
Julia Davigora – JD Photography
Adin Leavitt
Helena Cornelia – Korrie X
George Whelan

Sex is often associated with many different ideas for different people – the good, the beautiful, the ugly, and the wonderful.
Everyone has their idea of sex – what it means to them – how it makes them feel.

Is it expression or repression?

There is beautify in sex and embracing your sexuality yet it’s often covered and hidden, without opportunities to discuss and address it.
There isn’t many opportunities to exhibit art, photography and free our minds, eyes, and limits properly because of our constrained environment and certain controls on artistic endeavors.

A unique opportunity to express something that had gone silenced for so long.

Sex is an act of nature, an art, a communication means /
Not like porn / or what you see on TV.

Sexhibition will be featured at Treehouse Festival – Synesthesia in an underground Sex Dungeon featuring a showcases 4 artists
From Vietnam, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Americas. Artists that have connected with their medium and sexuality in sync.
Each who appreciate the beauty of the naked form – body – through different medium – views and expressions.

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