Finest Artist Nominees: Cấn Văn Ân

Finest Artist Nominees: Cấn Văn Ân

Cấn Văn Ân

Years of birth : 1992

Field: Visual arts

About artist: Graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Cấn Văn Ân is an active young artist from Hanoi. He loves experimenting with new mediums and new approaches to art. Ân’s works reflect the artist’s questions on reality. Recently, he focuses on studying and practicing in art projects with the theme of memories, shapes and shadows, trust and distrust, past and present, people in society in the past and present. Cấn Văn Ân participated in several notable exhibitions and art projects, including Heritage Space’s Month of Arts Practice MAP 2017: Utopia Land and MAP 2016: Limited n’ Infinite; ASEAN Art Exhibition (South Korea, 2017); National Young Fine Arts Festival 2017 (Hanoi, 2017); Phung Hung public art project; and contemporary art project in the basement of the National Assembly House.

Remarkable activities/projects in 2020 : In 2020, Cấn Văn Ân participated in Phuc Tan public art project, exhibition “Breathing TUBE”, Manzi artist residency program 2020 an open studio event exhibiting his works created during the one month residency.

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