Performance of Opera “Carmen”

Performance of Opera “Carmen”

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29 and 30 Sep 2011, 8 pm
Hanoi Opera House

The opera “Carmen” with director Helena Rohr (Sweden) and conductor Graham Sutcliffe will be performed by more than 150 artists, musicians and Singers of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. The modern “Carmen” performed in Vietnam will be very different from Bizet’s classic! The opera was also successfully performed  last May.

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This Carmen is set inside a Vietnamese cigarette factory. Carmen is from Hanoi and José is from Yen Bai. As Director Helena Röhr says, – with this Carmen we want to tell the story set in contemporary Hanoi, so the audience will follow and understand the story, and somehow connect it to their own lives.

This version of Carmen will focus on the theme of domestic violence in todays society – particularly towards women. The opera will portray Carmen as a victim rather than someone who is to blame for what happens – as is so often seen in more traditional versions . The violence between José and Carmen, which in the end leads to her death, is indicative of the cruel reality which many women in society face today, says Helena, who, in order to better understand this terrible social problem, has cooperated closely with the NGO CSAGA, which works with survivors of domestic violence in Vietnam.

Carmen is sung by Vanh Khuyen and Don José by Thanh Binh and Nguyen Vu. The toreador, who in this version is a famous Thai Boxer, is sung by Manh Dung. The opera will be performed in French and Vietnamese by the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet theatre with the participation of the Hanoi International Choir.  There will be more than 100 people on stage, including singers, chorus and dancers. The Opera’s music director is Graham Sutcliffe who will also conduct the performances.

Helena Röhr and Annsofi Nyberg directed and produced Mozart’s Così fan tutte with VNOB in 2006 as part of the cultural exchange programme between Sweden and Vietnam. Even though that 5 year project has now ended, Hanoi has become a new hometown and creative base for the two Swedish artists.

Conductor Graham Sutcliffe, has lived and worked in Vietnam for nearly 20 years and has conducted many concerts, ballets and operas for orchestras in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi over the years. He is currently resident conductor with the VNOB.

Language: English and Vietnamese subtitles

Carmen : Vành Khuyên
Don José: Thanh Bình, Anh Vũ
Escamillo: Phan Đức, Mạnh Dũng
Micaela: Thăng Long
Zuniga: Huy Đức
Morales: Kiều Thẩm
Fraquita: Thu Hương
Mercedes: Phương Dung
Lillas Pastia: Hoàng Hoa
Dancaido: Khánh Cường
Remendado: Phi Hùng
and the Hanoi International Choir, the Orchestra of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.


Ticket prices: 200 000, 300 000, 500 000, 700 000 VND. All Tickets available at Hanoi Opera House – 1 Trang Tien or book online at:, [email protected].

For free delivery Call:, 0913489858, 0983067996, 35651806, 66617859

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Tel: 84.04.(39330113/4 – 39330131/2)
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