Traditional Music Program

Traditional Music Program

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Each Mon from 01 Dec 2012 – 28 Feb 2013, 3 – 4 pm
Vietnam Women’s Museum

From the Museum:

Welcome to a traditional art performance for domestic and international audiences in order to preserve and promote Vietnamese intangible cultural values.

The performance will be frequently held on Monday mornings, begining on December 1st, 2012 with the participation of famous singers such as: Elite artists Thanh Ngoan, Van Quyền and Thu Hiền…

Traditional music program



Ensemble of Traditional Musical Instruments: “Lưu thủy – Kim tiền – Xuân phong – Long hổ” Traditional music orchestra
Xẩm Singing on Train: “Vui nhất Hà thành” Group of artists
“Ru con -Nambộ” Artist Thu Hiền
Hat Van Words: “Hương sơn phong cảnh” Artist Hiền Thảo
Ensemble of Traditional Musical Instruments: “Luyện năm cung” Traditional music orchestra
Chèo singing: “Đò đưa” Elite aritst Thanh Ngoan, artist Kim Liên, artist Thanh Mai
“Lý hoài nam” Artist Hữu Trung
Xẩm singing: “Thập ân” Artist Ngọc Bích, Hiền Thảo, Thanh Mai
Gods’ Incarnation: “Chúa Thác Bờ, Quan Hoàng Mười, Cô Bé Đông Cuông” Artist Kim Liên and dance troupe

Artist Thành Lê

For more information, please contact

PR and Education Department, Vietnam Women’s Museum, tel 043.9361869

Contact to buy tickets: Mrs. Bích Hằng: 0983621974

(If you order more than 10 tickets, you can get free delivery)

Vietnam Women’s Museum
36 Lý Thường Kiệt, Hà Nội
Tel: (04) 3825 9936 – 3936 1869



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