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Exhibition Goes Without Saying
Exhibition "Goes Without Saying" 21 NORTH Opening – Robert Natoli exhibition’s explores the process of capturing scenes, nuances and experiences of Hanoi, Vietnam and South East Asia
Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Concert
Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Concert "Đam mê & Chông gai” The Black Box Guitar Concert “Đam mê & Chông gai” tells the story of the pioneers in their field of art
Fashion and art event
Fashion & Art Event Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi 18 – 20 Apr – Community fair brings together more than 15 fashion designers and brands
Sprial trio poster
Spiral Trio at Manzi Manzi Art Space The breathtakingly beautiful music of Spiral Trio from Holland on Violin, Hang and Tabla
Summer book fair 2014
Summer Book Festival 2014 Vietnamese Women's Museum 16 – 20 Apr – Book festival with a series of interesting events and activities
Green Palm Gallery – "At the End of the Line" Painting Exhibition Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 18 – 23 Apr – A Painting Exhibition by NGUYEN TRONG MINH
Casual Ghosts-Manzi
Showcase "Casual Ghosts" Manzi Art Space 10 – 24 Apr – Showcase of a collaborative project of poetry and painting between Kaitlin Rees and Baptiste Gilloz, with Nha Thuyen as translator
World Premier of Vincent Moon’s Film: Lên đồng - Petites Planètes 25 Feb – 25 Apr – The film by Vincent Moon is premiering online at the magazine & Of Other Things
Exhibition "Metal Dream" L'Espace 02 – 30 Apr – Lolo Zazar’s “Metal Dream” will open to audience the magical steel world
exhibition heritage treasure
Exhibition "Heritage Treasure" Heritage Space 06 – 30 Apr – Exhibition to introduce some illustration collections featured in Heritage Magazines from 2013 onward
Art Exhibition “Transcendence" Casa Italia 18 Apr – 02 May – Exhibition by the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Strano Spitù and Vietnamese artists Bang Sy Truc and Vu Pham Truong Minh
exhibition lost and found hanoi feature
Book Launch and Exhibition: “LOST&FOUND Hanoi” Goethe 15 Apr – 18 May – Photo exhibition of five Hanoi-based photographers showing their city
HCMC - Exhibition "Unconditional Belief" Sàn Art 27 Feb – 25 Apr – An art exhibition by ‘Art Labor’ – visual artists Trương Công Tùng, Phan Thảo Nguyên and curator Arlette Quỳnh-Anh Trần Continue reading >
HCMC - "Onward and Upward" Art Exhibition Galerie Quynh 28 Mar – 26 Apr – An exhibition featuring works by 17 important artists in the contemporary art scene in Vietnam Continue reading >
Self-portrait by Siu Pham
HCMC - Painting Exhibition by Siu Pham and Jean-Luc Mello Tu Do Gallery 05 – 28 Apr – Painting exhibition by two artists Siu Pham and Jean-Luc Mello titled “Companion – Chair and Wind” Continue reading >

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Highlights this Week

List of some highlight events this week —– Các sự kiện tiêu biểu sẽ diễn ra trong tuần Continue Reading >

Talk Show “The West is best. Or is it?”

24 Apr – Talk show about living in the West with interesting guest speakers —– 24/04 – Trò chuyện về việc sống ở phương Tây cùng các khách mời thú vị Continue Reading >

HCMC – ‘Prod / Ponder’ Presents Art Labor

24 Apr – HCMC – An Artist’s Talk: Art Labor’s ‘Unconditional Belief’ —– 24/04 – TP HCM – ‘Niềm tin không điều kiện’ – Buổi nói chuyện của nhóm Lao Động Nghệ Thuật Continue Reading >

HCMC – THE CAIROS (Aus) Live Performance

17 May – Hotly-tipped Aussie outfit, THE CAIROS, will be bringing their sun-drenched indie pop to HCMC —– 17/05 – Đêm diễn của ban nhạc nổi tiếng đến từ Úc, THE CAIROS với dòng nhạc pop indie dành cho khán giả Sài Gòn Continue Reading >

Animation Course 2014 at Hanoi Doclab

Register for animation course 2014 at Hanoi Doclab —– Đăng ký tham gia khoá học phim hoạt hình tại Hanoi Doclab 2014 Continue Reading >

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KVT – The Delicious Beat of Kyoto Drums

KVT’s feet are still tapping to the Japanese Drumbeat invasion —– Đôi chân của KVT cho đến giờ phút này vẫn không ngừng đập nhịp theo tiếng trống Nhật Bản Continue Reading >


KVT – Lolo’s Metal Dreams

Alliterative Lolo Lazar in poetic space @ L’Espace —– Lolo Zazar trong không gian đầy chất thơ tại L’Espace Continue Reading >


KVT – Japanese Invasion Part 2

KVT becomes less of a Luddite and downloads images from a new fangle dangle —– KVT trở nên bớt bảo thủ và chấp nhận những thứ treo lủng lẳng được coi là thời trang mới tại triển lãm Continue Reading >

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Opportunities for Artists

Attention Artists: EQUILIBRIUM Residency Program in India

15 May – Deadline to apply for a 5-week residency in Partapur, India —– 15/05 – Hạn chót đăng ký tham dự chương trình lưu trú kéo dài 5 tuần tại Partapur, Ấn Độ Continue Reading >

Young Creative Entrepreneur – Fashion/Design Award 2014

31 May – Deadline to apply for Young Creative Entrepreneur – Fashion/Design Award 2014 —– 31/05 – Hạn cuối đăng ký tham gia Giải thưởng Doanh nhân trẻ trong lĩnh vực Thiết kế /Thời trang 2014 của Hội đồng Anh Continue Reading >

Attention Artists: Application for Videonale.15 in Germany

23 Jun – Deadline to submit works of moving images to have an opportunity to exhibit in Germany and worldwide, and win cash prizes —– 23/06 – Hạn chót nộp tác phẩm phim và video để có cơ hội triển lãm tại Đức cũng như trên toàn thế giới, và giành các giải thưởng tiền mặt Continue Reading >

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