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Verdi requiem
Special Concert "Verdi Requiem" Hanoi Opera House 22 and 23 Oct – Performance of Verdi Requiem by Giuseppe at Hanoi Opera House
book Charles De Gaulle
Conference "The Sword of Charles De Gaulle" L’Espace 23 Oct – Conference “The Sword of Charles De Gaulle” on the occasion of publishing this book in Vietnamese version
Art and Talent EN
Book Launch "Art and Talent" Goethe Institut 23 Oct – Introduction of Dao Mai Trang’s book, a foreground on the 8X contemporary artists generation of Vietnam
Tuan le tieng Y
Italian Language Week in Hanoi Casa Italia Opening – Series of fascinating activities to give a deeper understanding about Italian Language as well as Culture and strengthen the cooperation between two countries
Source: vietmaz.com
Oktoberfest 2014 in Hanoi and HCMC JW Marriott Hotel 23 Oct – 24 Oct – The biggest traditional German festival 2014 in Hanoi in October
Exhibition "Information Transmitted by Horse Riding" L'Espace 30 Sep – 26 Oct – Installation exhibition by Trieu Tuan Long at L’Espace
An image from the first Hanoi Open Exhibition
The Second Hanoi Open Exhibition Work Room Four 05 – 26 Oct – Unique showcase for art and design in a variety of style and media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media
Pham Tuan Tu-Exhibition Ambiguity  Affitta-feature
Exhibition "Ambiguity | Affitta" by Artist Pham Tuan Tu Nguyen Art Gallery 18 – 27 Oct – The first solo exhibition of painter Pham Tuan Tu
Star Light
"Star Light" - Charity Fine Art Exhibition Heritage Space 18 – 29 Oct – Exhibiton features the volunteer art teaching program in Quan Ba Elementary School, Ha Giang Province
tran dan
Exhibition "P1: Palette - Space for New Palette" Cuci Fine Art 08 – 30 Oct – Exhibition inspired with traditional color palette of artists
Sofitel wine days-Sofitel Plaza
Celebrate French Culture with Sofitel Wine Days 2014 Sofitel Plaza Hanoi 22 Sep – 31 Oct – Embrace a touch of French gastronomy with the magnifique fusion of selected French wines and appetizing dishes
thats new whats next
“That’s New – What’s Next” - Graphic Art Exhibition of Benjamin Badock Goethe Institut 10 Oct – 02 Nov – Exhibition of 34 works on paper by Benjamin Badock, one of the most seminal and original graphic artists in Germany
new form feature-thai nhat minh
Sculpture Showcase "New Form: Sculpture - Architecture - Space" Manzi Art Space 10 Oct – 04 Nov – A showcase of experimental sculpture of New Form at Manzi
Exhibition Minimal Asia feature
Exhibition "Minimal Asian" to Celebrate Twelve Years of Module 7 18 Oct – 09 Nov – Module 7 holds a 12 year celebration with an interior exhibition titled “Minimal Asia” by designer Pham Kieu Phuc
Vu Duc Trung-feature
Exhibition "Not Quite Landscapes" at Dong Phong Gallery Dong Phong Art Gallery 12 Oct – 12 Nov – Lacquer painting exhibition by artist Vu Duc Trung
now is when
Exhibition "Now is When" Tan My Gallery 09 Oct – 30 Nov – The photographic exhibition by Suzette Mitchell on abstractions of Buddhist monks and nuns
Colors changing hues
Showcase of a Vietnamese Contemporary Art Collection "Colours Changing Hues" Art Tunnel Gallery 04 Oct – 04 Dec – A showcase to bring a multidimensional experience of sense and felling to all art lovers as a way colors talking to people
Dinh Thi Tham Poong- Trong rung
Exhibition "Modern Arts" Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 09 Oct 2014 – 09 Oct 2015 – Exhibition themed on Modern Art by famous artists in Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
Autumn Galleria
HCMC - Exhibition "Autumn Galleria" Sàn Art 08 Aug – 30 Oct – HCMC – Exhibition of a new autumn which takes shape by means of drawing, painting, and photography Continue reading >
Tran Hong Duc
HCMC - Exhibition of Autumn Paintings Tu Do Gallery 04 – 30 Oct – HCMC – Exhibition of autumn paintings with the participation of 4 painters: Kao Van Khanh, Tran Hong Duc, Nguyen Giang Anh, Pham Thanh Toan Continue reading >
Jamie Maxtone-Graham, That Little Distance, no. 21
2013, archival pigment ink on Hahnemüehle Photo Rag paper, 79 x 110 cm
HCMC - Exhibition "That Little Distance," by Jamie Maxtone-Graham Galerie Quynh - Downtown 25 Sep – 31 Oct – HCMC – An exhibition of new work by Hanoi-based photographer Jamie Maxtone-Graham Continue reading >
Nguyen Quang Son - Movement
HCMC - Exhibition "Black and White" Craig Thomas Gallery 03 Oct – 03 Nov – HCMC – A solo exhibition of lacquer paintings by Binh Duong-based artist Nguyen Quang Son Continue reading >
Little Flowers-Nguyen The Hung
HCMC - Exhibition "Little Flowers" Sofitel Saigon Plaza 22 Oct – 30 Nov – HCMC – A solo exhibition of mixed media paintings on do paper by Hanoi-based artist Nguyen The Hung Continue reading >

Latest Posts

Introduction to Photo Book “Jo du kí – Châu Âu 30 ngày đêm”

25 Oct – A meeting with the author of the photo book “Jo du ký – Châu Âu 30 ngày đêm” at Goethe Institut —– 25/10 – Giao lưu cùng tác giả cuốn sách ảnh “Jo du ký – Châu Âu 30 ngày đêm” tại Viện Goethe Continue Reading >

Book Introduction “Confucian Society in Vietnam”

24 Oct – Book introduction “Confucian Society in Vietnam” from sociology perspective of Pro. Trinh Van Thao, sociologist in French university —– 24/10 – Buổi giới thiệu sách xã hội Nho giáo Việt Nam dưới nhãn quan của xã hội học lịch sử của GS. Trịnh Văn Thảo, giáo sư xã hội học ở Pháp Continue Reading >

Tiny Music Club at Hanoi Social Club

Hanoi’s newest live, regular, music event every Tuesday —– Sự kiện nhạc sống vào thứ ba hàng tuần mới nhất tại Hà Nội Continue Reading >

Reminder: Dao Mai Trang’s “Art & Talent” – Book Launch and Online Purchase

TODAY 23 Oct – Book launch and talk with Dao Mai Trang on her latest book publication “Art and Talent” —– HÔM NAY 23/10 – Giới thiệu sách và trò chuyện cùng chuyên gia về cuốn sách mới nhất của nhà báo Đào Mai Trang “Nghệ thuật và Tài năng” Continue Reading >

Reminder: A Night of Concert and Ballet “Changing of the Seasons”

24 Oct – A night of concert and ballet “Changing of the Seasons” will take place this Friday —– 24/10 – Đêm hòa nhạc và múa balê “Khúc giao mùa” sẽ diễn ra vào tối thứ 6 tuần này Continue Reading >

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KVT – The Wonderful Lacquer World(s) of Vu Duc Trung

KVT falls, yet again, under the spell of a lacquer maestro and Dong Phong —– KVT lại một lần nữa rơi vào bùa chú của bậc thầy sơn mài và Đông Phong Continue Reading >


KVT – Still Actively Tunneling

KVT says welcome to a re-addressed oldie but goodie —– KVT gửi lời chào tới chốn cũ nhưng ở địa chỉ mới và vẫn tuyệt như xưa Continue Reading >


KVT – An Exponential Experience in My Dinh

KVT a bit late with a bit about a soopa show —– KVT hơi chậm chân trước một show soopa doopa tại Hà Nội Continue Reading >

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Opportunities for Artists

Attention Artists: PARADISE AIR (Artist-in-Residence) Program in Japan

01 Nov – Deadline to submit proposal for a fully supported artist residency in Japan —– 01/11 – Hạn chót nộp dự án để giành cơ hội tham dự chương trình lưu trú hỗ trợ toàn phần tại Nhật Bản Continue Reading >

Attention Artists: Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Artist in Residence in Alaska

31 Oct 2014 – Deadline to submit for a supported residency program in the USA —– 31/10/2014 – Hạn chót đăng ký tham dự chương trình lưu trú được hỗ trợ tài chính tại Mỹ Continue Reading >

Attention Artists: Nikkei Asia Prizes Call for Nominations

31 Oct – Deadline to submit nominations to honor individuals/groups that contribute to the sustainable development and a better future for Asia —– 31/10 – Hạn chót nộp đề cử cho Giải thưởng Nikkei Châu Á nhằm vinh danh những cá nhân/tổ chức cống hiến vì sự phát triển bền vững của khu vực và một tương lai tốt đẹp hơn cho châu Á Continue Reading >

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