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A special collaborative art-making event, will be held for the first time in Hanoi and enjoyed by over 400 participants.

Training workshop – Sat & Sun 12 & 13 July
Painting Day at Thong Nhat Park – Sun 20 July

The project is made possible with the collaboration of Artist/teacher Nguyen Cao Hiep, the father of the Circle Painting method, and the volunteer group Circle of Friends, Scorp Media, Fund for the Poor program of VTV1.
Circle Painting is a collaborative and performance-based painting process originally conceived in 1999 by Mr. Hiep with the vision to bring people together to create beautiful & meaningful artwork. The first of such paintings was at Hiep’s studio with the help of his neighbors, especially children. Since then, Hiep has worked with various organizations to bring Circle Painting projects to communities in many countries, including those in the United States, Australia and South East Asia. Notably, the event in Singapore in 2007 was honored with the participation of Singaporean Prime Minister, ASEAN Secretary and many other country leaders attending ASEAN+3 Summit.

Through Circle Painting projects, Hiep wishes to bring the joy of making art to all people, especially under-served communities. Canvas, paint and brushes become the means of connecting people of different ages and backgrounds and allowing them to co-paint the colorful pictures of life. Each participant can add to, alter or expand previously painted images using a common pattern.

Through the Circle Painting Vietnam 2008 program, Artist Nguyen Cao Hiep and organizers hope to contribute to the community by introducing the concepts of Circle Painting and the human philosophy underneath this special activity to all Vietnamese and the residents of Hanoi in particular. Besides collaborative painting, participants will enjoy many other interesting games and group activities. Paintings created at the event will be auctioned later for charity purposes.

The project consists of four main activities

– Training workshop for core participants of the project on 12-13 July, 2008

– Painting Day at Thong Nhat Park, 20 July, 2008

– Artworks display in Hanoi, 2008

– Auctions carried out later in the year

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Nguyen Khoa Hung Thanh
SCorp Communication
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Hiep Nguyen
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