Maison des Arts – Long Bien Festival

Maison des Arts – Long Bien Festival

Memoir of a Bridge
Opening: Thurs 03 July, 6 pm
Exhibition: 03 July-11 October

with works by Na Son, Douglas Jardin, Vuong Thao and others.

The Maison des arts is pleased to invite you to the opening of its exhibition “Memoir of a bridge”.

This event, including many artists and form of art such as photographies, sculptures, videos…, starts a cycle of exhibitions about the Long Bien Bridge which will be presented until October the 11th.

This day, October the 11th, the Maison des arts, the Hanoians, the artists and all the visitors will take possession of the Long Bien Bridge, during 24 unforgettable hours to participate to a multiform and unordinary festival, new in Hanoi and dedicated to Art.

The Long Bien Festival is proposed as a gift, a homage to Vietnamese people and Hanoi. It will present traditional vietnamese art and also contemporary Vietnamese art.

Craftsmen from traditional villages, about a hundred of artists, calligrapher, photographer, painter, poet, sculptor, musician, storyteller, juggler, dancer… will exhibit original artwork about the history of the Long Bien bridge. In a parallel direction, will be organized an ethnic parade, the Hanoi Kite Cup, a great contest of 105 kites, a lasers show and many other activities.

This festival, entirely free, is made for and by the Hanoians.

We ask and count on all the artists, companies, people who cares about the Long Bien Bridge to participate to the continuous exhibition from July to October, and of course to the Festival on 11th October as well.

From now on, you can send your project, idea, artwork… for the continuous exhition or for the Festival, directly at the Maison des arts or by email : [email protected] Everything is possible.

The Long Bien Festival wants to make Hanoi an inescapable artistic capital.

Click on the link below to download a Word document with extensive information about the festival.


Maison des Arts
31a Van Mieu, Hanoi
Tel: 747 8096
[email protected]


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