Art-Talk no 7: Discover Tuong

Art-Talk no 7: Discover Tuong

Wed 29 Apr, 5pm

Hong Ha Theater, No. 51-Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Tuong – the classical drama (or singing Boi) is a Vietnamese unique, classical theatre art-form which is based on the combination of singing, dancing, music performances.

Tuong has its own extremely strict stylized and  conventional principles in structure of scenarios, arrangement of  melody, lyrics, music and especially the method of combining singing and dancing, performances and  ethnic martial arts, making it different from other types of traditional arts like Cheo or Cai Luong…

In many years, Tuong has been familiar with Vietnamese people. With the purpose of preserving and promoting this cultural heritage, GreenZoom in collaboration with The Vietnam National “Tuong” Theatre will be delivering Art-talk No. 7 with the topic “Discover Tuong”. This is the first activity in the project “Awaking Tuong 2009” organized by GreenZoom, aiming at bringing Tuong to a  larger audiences especially young people. We believe that enjoying, understanding and learning about Tuong is the very first step to love Tuong and therefore help contribute to promote this precious heritage

Art Talk No. 7 “Discover Tuong” will be divided into two parts:

– Performance: Artists from The Vietnam National “Tuong” Theatre will present some Tuong typical works such as “An old man carries his wife on the back to a festival”, “Ho Nguyet Co turning into a fox”, etc.

– Talk on Tuong: with People’s Artist Hoang Khiem and other artists.

The program is completely free and available for everyone.

To register, please send your name and your organization via email: [email protected]

For more information, please contact:

Nguyen Thu Thuy – GreenZoom Coordinator.

Mobile: 0979 872 105

GreenZoom Open Space
47, Thái Thịnh 1
Đống Đa, Hà Nội
Email: [email protected]


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