Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin


Sat & Sun, 9 & 10 May, 8pm
Hanoi Opera House

Tues 12 May, 8pm
Ho Chi Minh City Opera House

In celebration of Europe Day – 9 May, the Delegation of the European Commission and the Goethe-Institut Vietnam are pleased to present

Film Concert

The Battleship Potemkin

A silent movie from 1925, directed by Sergej Eisenstein
New musical score for two pianos composed by: Pierre Oser
On piano: Pierre Oser and Frank Strobel
[ C O R R E C T I O N ] The score for the German version was written in 1926 by Edmund Meisel. Meisel’s score serves as the basis for a new version for two pianos by German composer, musician and conductor Pierre Oser.

The Film

Russia 1905. The Russo-Japanese War intensifies the social and political conflicts in the country. After defenseless men, women and children are massacred, the people revolt. Discipline in the army and navy is maintained by the harshest of measures. But on the battleship Potemkin, anchored off the Odessa harbor, dissatisfaction and low morale lead to mutiny. Solidarity wins in the end and the red flag flies over all. Eisenstein’s silent film classic The Battleship Potemkin is still considered a milestone in film history, its new aesthetic and brilliant montage technique having permanently influenced the development of cinema. The score for the German version was written in 1926 by Edmund Meisel. Meisel’s score serves as the basis for a new version for two pianos by the German composer, musician and conductor Pierre Oser. For the film concert in Vietnam, Pierre Oser himself will be at the piano, together with the German conductor Frank Strobel.

Pierre Oser

Pierre Oser lives and works as composer, musician and conductor in Munich. After completing his studies he worked for, among others, the Vienna Theater, the Landestheater Salzburg, the Bavarian State Playhouse Munich and the Schauspielakademie Zurich. He has published numerous compositions for radio plays and films and often works in radio and television productions both at home and abroad. In recent years Pierre Oser has been a frequent guest in Vietnam, for film concerts of Fritz Lang’s Der müde Tod and Metropolis, and Sunrise by F.W. Murnau among others.

Frank Strobel

In addition to a classic-romantic repertoire and music of the 20th century, conductor Frank Strobel enjoys exploring the vast field of “music and film”. Beyond his concert work, he is world famous as a film conductor. He was chief conductor of the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg until 1998, and since 2000 serves as artistic director of the “European Film Philharmonic”, which he co-founded. Frank Strobel is familiar with Vietnam through his work on the film concert of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

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