Film Show: Mulan

Film Show: Mulan

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Fri 22 May, 2-4.30pm
American Center

Disney takes a sledgehammer to the subject of gender stereotyping in ”Mulan,” a film that not only breaks the cross-dressing barrier but also ratchets up the violence level for children’s animation. ”Sign me up for the next war!” exclaims the heroine’s grandmother, in a show of what does not precisely qualify as progress for women. And for all its supposed daring in presenting a bold female warrior, ”Mulan” takes no steps forward when it comes to Disney’s animation renaissance. This is the most inert and formulaic of recent Disney animated films, right down to the clowning sidekicks and would-be ”Under the Sea” production number.
(from New York Times Review)

This event is open for the public. Please visit the website to register if you want to attend.

American Center
1st Floor, Rose Garden Tower
170 Ngoc Khanh Street, Hanoi


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