’in a city’ – Stories of Hanoi

’in a city’ – Stories of Hanoi


Opening: Fri 15 May, 6pm
Exhibition: 15-21 May 2009
Information & Exhibition Centre, 45 Trang Tien, Hanoi

Taking inspiration from James Joyce’s “Dubliners”, within 3 months from November 2008 to March 2009, the six teams of writers and photographers each took a physical space or community within Hanoi and set out -using words, photographs, video and sound- to tell the everyday stories of the people they encountered.

In May 2009, ‘in a city’ including a book, a multi-media exhibition and an eBook version will be presented to the Hanoi audience.

Hanoi is a city of characters. In its streets or in its slum areas, from the intensity of the Old Quarter to the intimacy of neighbourhood blocks, there are more than six million people with something to say. ‘in a city’ is a collection of some of their passions and problems, relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions.

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‘in a city’ hopes to somewhat capture a piece of Hanoi’s life, to sketch another portrait of this delicate but hardy city’.

‘in a city’ is part of ‘Inclusive Cities’- a two-year strand within the British Council’s regional Creative Cities project that will celebrate and give voice to the communities of the cities of East Asia, China and the UK through performances, workshops and collaborative projects.


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