Art Vietnam – New Higher Level

Art Vietnam – New Higher Level

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Opening: Fri 09 Oct, 6 pm
Exhibition: 09 Oct – 09 Nov, 2009
Art Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the fasting growing economies in SE Asia, racing towards a prosperous future like a missile seeking light after centuries of darkness. An unharnessed energy is transforming the very foundation of societal values just as certainly as it is the physical landscape.

Nguyen The Son, Chinese scholar, artist, and a keen observer of life’s vagaries, now offers us a body of work that reflects upon on this maelstrom of change.

Son, who is 31 years old, observes. “Conflicts emerge when nonstop development is mixed with the culture and the society. A tension emerges between values-those of traditional society and the values of the West, the new, imposed values of perceived progress and internal spiritual values.”

Where lies value in such a condition of incessant change? What face does it wear? These, in effect, are Son’s questions. Son attempts to address this problem in society in the series of works here titled “New Higher Level,” that phrase familiar to anyone exposed to official propaganda. “My way in making art is the responsibility of the young generation of artists to make a real new higher level,” Son says, “to try to discover and recognize the real value of life in humans, art, music, and literature.”

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