A Brazilian Cinematic Experience

A Brazilian Cinematic Experience

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04 – 10 Dec
National Cinema Centre

The film industry of Brazil has gone through many periods of ups and downs since it first surfaced in 1898. Its early days was an era dedicated to silent films, documentaries and fictional works. By the 1950s filmmakers started to produce popular dramas and burlesque musical comedies, a genre which was referred to as chanchada. The birth of the French New Wave (or Nouvelle Vague) in the 1960s brought along a new kind of modernistic and experimental cinema across the globe. Brazil came out with its own new wave movement, the Cinema Novo – a movement that’s been praised for being closer to the people and true to life.

The Embassy of Brazil proudly introduces a week of Brazilian films, including the following: Romance, My name is not Johnny, A Dog’s Will, The Samba Poet, Out of Tune, Two Sons of Francisco and Pawns.

Please download the below file for more information about the films and a screening timetable:


Please note: All the films are in Portuguese with Vietnamese subtitles.


Free tickets can be collected at:

• The National Cinema Centre

• The Embassy of Brazil
14 Thuy Khue Street, Apt. T-72
Tel: 3843-2544

National Cinema Centre
87 Láng Hạ, Ba Đình
Hà Nội


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