Ana Tzarev Painting Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Ana Tzarev Painting Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

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Exhibition: 24 Sep – 04 Oct 2010
Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

From Vietnam Fine Arts Museum:

One of the highlights of the 2010 Hanoi Millennium celebrations is a solo exhibition of flower paintings by the artist Ana Tzarev at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts.

The vibrant floral works are magnificently brought to life through the artist’s energetic use of pure color. A true original, Tzarev has taken a new approach to painting, bringing a freshness and vitality to her canvases at a level seldom seen in the art world today. Her unique new style builds lush sculptural surfaces that give the total experience of the artist being in the moment, fused with the subject she paints. The paintings capture the viewer’s gaze. Her art compels us to experience the work.

The attraction to this exhibition is further heightened by the fact that the paintings were used as the basis for Tzarev’s stunning 30 meter section of the Hanoi Mosaic Wall, a major public works project developed to ornament the flood wall that runs throughout the city.

Tzarev’s interest in Vietnam began years ago. A seasoned, worldwide traveler, Tzarev has traveled widely in the country exploring the Vietnamese countryside as well as its great cities. Inspired by her experiences, Ana Tzarev developed a series of remarkable paintings reflecting the art, culture and history of Vietnam.

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.


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