Solo Exhibition “Living Together in Paradise”

Solo Exhibition “Living Together in Paradise”

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Opening: Tue 05 Apr, 10 am
Artist talk and tour of the exhibition: Fri 15 Apr, 6 pm
Exhibition: 05 – 30 Apr 2011

From Goethe Institut:
Nguyen Manh Hung is well-known for his unusual images and sculptures with subtle humor: combat aircraft that carry cucumbers and tomatoes instead of bombs, or pull trailers filled with building materials through the air; a nearly three-meter-high model of a residential block, with innumerable additions built on like swallow nests, with laundry hanging to dry in front of every window. This building has already been exhibited in Berlin and is now returning to Hanoi – as part of a larger, new project: a diorama that will occupy almost the entire exhibition hall of the Goethe Institute, entitled “Living Together in Paradise”.

His work refers to the typically rural character of housing in Vietnam before the economic renewal Doi Moi. The former social housing disappeared from the cityscape to be replaced by ever more expensive high-rise apartments. Nguyen’s works combine the traditional with the modern style: “My apartment building is a proposal for an improvement of living space. The people who live there should be able to grow vegetables in the city, to share everything with each other, to live together harmoniously. Like in paradise! It’s about trust, not privacy”, says Nguyen.

Nguyen Manh Hung surrealist works have been presented around the world in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His model has been exhibited in 3 international exhibitions. And this is the first time that this model will be exhibited in Vietnam.

For more information about the artist, visit his websites:

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