Update: Tickets for My Fair Lady by HITS

Update: Tickets for My Fair Lady by HITS

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01, 02 Apr, 8pm & Sun 03 Apr 2011, 1 pm
Hong Ha Theatre
51 Duong Thanh

From HITS:
The Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary of volunteer community theatre in Hanoi, by boldly staging one of the worlds most cherished and beloved musicals of all time My Fair Lady.

“The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain.”

The tickets for the show are now available and all proceeds to be donated Highland Education Development Organization.

For more information about the performance, tickets and trailer, see below:

Following the success of their recent theatrical offerings Beauty and the Beast and Love Shorts, HITS is excited to take up the challenge of staging a musical as big and bold as My Fair Lady. The timeless story suitable for all ages concerns Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist, so she can pass herself off as a proper English lady has been entertaining audiences since its original Broadway record setting release in 1956. With its memorable characters, timeless music, and enduring scenes, My Fair Lady has been referred to as “the perfect musical”.

“In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen.”

Ticket price: 150 000 VND/ticket
Tickets are available at Daluva – 33 To Ngoc Van, Green Mango – 18 Hang Quat, Oasis Deli – 24 Xuan Dieu & Puku Cafe – 16 – 18 Tong Duy Tan or 1 hour before the performance at the Theater.

Language: Performance in English with Vietnamese subtitle.

See the trailer here:

Hanoi International Theatre Society (HITS)
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