E-idea: The Search is on for Vietnam’s Eco-Entrepreneurs

E-idea: The Search is on for Vietnam’s Eco-Entrepreneurs

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E-idea: The Search is on for Vietnam’s Eco-Entrepreneurs: is calling for application
Starting date for applications: Tue 03 May 2011
Closing date for applications: Sun 3 Jul 2011

From British Council:
A nationwide search has been launched for a new generation of Eco-Entrepreneurs that will serve Vietnam in its fight against climate change.

The competition is being launched across Asia Pacific by the British Council and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) with activities in Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand as well as Vietnam.

To win, projects have to clearly address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing local urban communities. These include waste reduction and efficiency, environmental transport and travel, energy reduction, water efficiency and sustainable design.

LRQA have agreed to contribute £260,000 towards the implementation of the seven Asia Pacific programmes. In addition to financial support, LRQA and the British Council will equip E-idea winners with leadership, project management skills and knowledge. Winners will also become part of the British Council and LRQA’s regional E-idea network, giving them access to national and international training and networking opportunities.

For more information and applications forms for interested participants, visit: www.e-idea.org.

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