World Music at L’Espace

World Music at L’Espace

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Thu 12 May 2011, 8 pm

From L’Espace:
You are invited to music night of Sophia Charaï. Playing accordéon, banjo, gypsy jazz guitar and contrebasse Ácmani, Sophia Charaï is known as “Rita Mitsouko of Marocco”, she can satisfy all adventurous people.

For more information of Sophia Charaï and ticket, see below:

At the crossroads which is influenced by many music trends, works of Sophia Charaï attach to big changes in world music. Sophia wants to become a world citizen and her music demonstrates this desire. Her music is a subtle combination of influences from four corners of the world. It is Marocco, where she was born and grew up. It is French where she graduated from high school and continued to study higher. It is India where she has traveled and finally, it is from Latin America, Tzigane world she appreciated, from New York and jazz clubs she discovered a few years ago. And the result is: her latest album titled “Pichu” in which she sings in darija, Arabic, French, with melody bringing us to interesting journey immediately.

Yann Sury (violon)
Hervé Lebouche (drum)
Mathias Duplessy (guitar)
Stephen Bedrossian (contrebasse)
Bastien Charlery (accordéon)
Arnaud Dervaux (sound)

Ticket price: 100 000 VND
Special price: 50 000 VND
Tickets are available at L’Espace.

Watch video of Sophia Charaï’s performance:

For more information about Sophia Charaï click here

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