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Another New Blog on Grapevine

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The Japan Foundation Vietnam hosts two Japanese artists in Hanoi to work with a well-known Hanoi artist


The artists are currently preparing an exhibition that will open at the Japan Foundation in Hanoi on 28 Oct and run to 20 Nov 2011.

The three artists –

  • sound artist Mamoru (Mamoru Okuno)
  • photographer Michi (Motoyuki Shitamichi)
  • and Hanoi artist Tuan Mami, probably best known for his performance pieces

– met in Tokyo recently when Mami was doing a residency there.

One of the artists, Mamoru, is blogging about his work and experiences in Vietnam and has agreed to let Hanoi Grapevine reproduce his posts here. A big thanks to Mamoru for giving us a great chance to gain some insight into the process of collaboration and the creation of an exhibition.

Check out the new blog and read Mamoru’s fascinating thoughts as he goes through the process of creating work based on his interactions with Hanoi.

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