Exhibition of Metropole Nomade Project

Exhibition of Metropole Nomade Project

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Exhibition  Metropole Nomade Project

Opening: Sun 29 Jul 2012, 4.30 pm
Exhibition: 29 Jul – 09 Aug 2012
Art talk Brazil contemporary art: Tue 31 Jul, 9.30 am
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From the organizer:

Metropole Nomade is an art exchange project, which was formed under the proposal of the artist group Metropole artists in Paris (France). Metropole Nomade will be carried out in three years, from 2012 – 2014 in various locations in three continents Asia, Europe and Latin America.

In this year (2012) the project takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam with the participation of five French artists: Abigail Nunes, Annie Barel, Elli Drouilleau, Eric Huynh, Pat cam; four Brazilian artists: Erica Bettiol, Flavia Sammarone, Fabiana Mitsue, Flavia Vivacqua and six Vietnamese artists: Nguyen Tran Cuong, Nguyen Ngoc Phuong, Tran Gia Tung, Tran Trung Thanh, Vu Duc Trung and Hoang Duy Vang. The project will be on display at Mai Gallery from 07/29/2012 until 08/09/2012.

The theme of the project is Movement. The project aims at creating a group installation with participation of artists from three countries: Vietnam, France and Brazil. There will be several stages; each group of artists will further develop the initial idea which later will be assembled into an installation work. The idea is not fixed; it could be changed through the working process and up to artist’s creativeness and imagination. Thus there is no fixed location and timing; the project will be carried out by different artist groups from different countries.

The concept Movements has many meanings. It could be interpreted as ‘the going, the moving of action and ideas”, it could also be understood as a Trend – a change that have impacts on community or society. On the broader context, Movements aims at encouraging artists to achieve freedom and individual exposure through artworks, they can use all techniques and art forms, such as painting, printing, sculpture, photography, video, performance art etc. Artists need to be flexible so they can hand over their arts to the next group; they also need to adjust to circumstances which suddenly arise in the working process and out of plan.

In this project Metropole Nomade, each step of the project could also be seen as Residency activity. It is part of the project purpose: to encourage creativity and teamwork, the development of artistic idea along with artwork creating process and the serious attitude before introducing artworks to public. Each step is also a small art project, having its own independence and brings forward experiments to each participating artist.

Metropole Nomade is an open project which is challenging and ambitious. It needs huge amount of material and human resources, as well as the professionalism of participating artists and their attention. Artists in each group will have chance to introduce their work to a broad audience. They will then be able to further develop the ability to create artworks and to communicate with the international community, thus increasing their artistic capacity and awareness. These are also important purposes of the project.

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