Screening of “Disorder”

Screening of “Disorder”

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Disorder- Huang Weikai 1

Fri 26 Oct 2012, 6 pm


We cordially invites you to the screening of “Disorder” by Chinese filmmaker, Huang Weikai. Huang Weikai’s one-of-a-kind news documentary captures, with remarkable freedom, the anarchy, violence, and seething anxiety animating China’s major cities today. As urbanization in China advances at a breakneck pace, Chinese cities teeter on the brink of mayhem.

One man dances in the middle of traffic while another attempts to jump from a bridge before dozens of onlookers. Pigs run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a polluted river. Unshowable on China’s heavily controlled television networks, Disorder reveals an emerging underground media, one that has the potential to truly capture the ground-level upheaval of Chinese society.

Huang Weikai collects footage  from a dozen amateur videographers and weaves them into a unique  symphony of urban social dysfunction.  Huang shatters and reconstructs a world that’s barely comprehensible, though with palpable energy — vibrant, dangerous, and terrifying.

Disorder- Huang Weikai 2

“Several [films] have caught the chaos of rapidly industrialized China, but none is as raw or terrifying as this.”  —Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

“One of the most mesmerizing films I’ve seen in ages.” — Hua Hsu, The Atlantic

Language: The film is in Chinese with ENGLISH and VIETNAMESE subtitles.

The screening is non-profit and aims for studies and research only.

Free Entrance.

The film’s trailer :

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