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Dzung’s Xe dap

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Dzung xe dap

Dzung’s handmade handpainted bikes: 01 – 31 Dec 2012
Bookworm Too

09 – 31 Dec 2012
Bookworm Chau Long

From Bookworm:

Dao Viet Dzung’s family started to make miniature bicycles out of steel wire and scrap metal in 2001 when Dzung was in high school. Dzung hand painted them and traveled from his village and sold them on the streets of Hanoi.

Success breeds imitation and eventually too many copiers destroyed the market.

Since 2006 Dzung has made a series of bikes for the Bookworm every two years and now they have started to become collector’s items.

Dzung hopes that you enjoy series 2012 as much as he enjoyed painting them.

Bookworm does not charge artists rent or commission.

Price: 150 000 VND each bike

The Bookworm is the best little book cafe in southeast Asia and the coolest place to browse.

44 Châu Long, Hà Nội Now open every day 9am – 7pm
Tel: +84 (0) 4 37153711
[email protected]
Bookworm Too
Lane 1/28 Nghi Tam Village, Hanoi


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