KVT – Small Works from the Sub Continent

KVT – Small Works from the Sub Continent

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KVT enjoys a taste of India in Hanoi

At fascinating Tadioto there’s a fascinating show by two Indians who are showing small works they produced while on a residency in Hanoi, and also works they brought with them…so they are small and light too.

The two visitors:

Exhibition Rebirth 5293

Have called their show

Exhibition Rebirth 5289

I guess REBIRTH because the pair have recycled found materials and breathed new life into them by shaping, perforating, tearing, stitching, burning, tearing, folding, rolling, fraying, assembling…until they are reborn quite exquisitely

The show is in two rooms and with my especial favorites, on first viewing, being the little threaded sculptures on the walls of the hall between the two

Exhibition Rebirth 5275

Exhibition Rebirth 5276

until in the middle of a long sojourn with the works, almost changed my mind to these:

Exhibition Rebirth 5290

Exhibition Rebirth 5291

Exhibition Rebirth 5292

but in the end had too many favorites to have to discern between and can only say that if you like the images that preceded and follow you’ll be bound to enjoy a meander through the actualities…. and you have until New Year’s Eve to do just that.

There’s an Indian-ness about some of the pieces which makes them really special (I felt a bit Rajasthani or Punjabi at times but that’s just me!) Unfortunately any info about the two artists was unavailable when I went along on the 26th but that didn’t stop my enjoyment or my speculations.

Exhibition Rebirth 5258

Exhibition Rebirth 5259

Exhibition Rebirth 5260

Exhibition Rebirth 5261

Exhibition Rebirth 5262

Exhibition Rebirth 5263

Exhibition Rebirth 5264

Exhibition Rebirth 5265

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