Printmaking Exhibition

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    Printmaking Exhibition

    Exhibition: 03 – 15 Jan 2013
    Exhibition House
    16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi

    From the organizer:
    Come to the exhibtion of 4 American printmakers: David Thomas, Carolyn Muskat, Gene Dorgan and Lois Tarlow.


    1. …oh, yes … that one was not advertised coming… and I still wander about the two men receiving flowers, awards + medals… and the two women standing smiling and “beautifying”, as it were, the whole affair — just a bunch of flowers will do… right…?

    2. In response to Ilsa’s comment, the two women were not given medals at the opening ceremony because one (Carolyn Muskat) already has the medal and the other (Jess) is on her first trip to Vietnam. The medal I accepted was for Lois Tarlow (also a woman) who is too old and ill to come here to accept it herself.

    3. To David Tomas,

      Thank you — I do appreciate this clarification very much.

      It was awkward to view and properly appreciate the ceremonial part at the opening, but now I understand that there were no omission(s) on the part of the organizers to honor everyone.

      Perhaps in the excitement of the hour no one could really hear what was said…

      However, let me say this: congratulations to all the artists for their work and to organizers of the show for making it possible to share these artists’ art with the broad public!

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