Artist Talk with Chen Hangfeng

Artist Talk with Chen Hangfeng

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Artist talk with Chen Hangfeng

Tue 05 Mar 2013, 4 – 6.30 pm


MAC Hanoi Project is back with a first event for 2013 at Hanoi-DocLab by inviting an emerging young talent Shanghainese visual artist Chen Hangfeng to share his art experiences with us.

This is the first time he visits Hanoi and will give a presentation and discusion at 4pm to 6.30 pm on Tues, 05.03.2013 about his practicing and researching, also he will introduce some of artist-in residency programs and art projects which he have been participated in recently.

Wish to see your supporting from all of you guys to join and discuss with the artist. Thanks and see you there!

* Notice: Sorry that the venue is limited with around 25 sits, so please come on time to get your place and catch up with the talk.

Artist information

Chen Hangfeng
B.1974 in Shanghai
Mobile: +86 139 167 35537
Email: [email protected]com

I work in all media, from graphic, drawing, paper-cut, functional object, sculpture, installation, photo, to video and performance. My works deal with issues and problems of surrounding commercialization, environmentalism, globalization and cultural transmutation, often realized through playful metaphor and I merge concepts and mediums like an alchemist. I see artist as a present-day incarnation of ancient philosopher, artisan and literati.

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