INVISIBLE LINES – Experimental Music Concerts

INVISIBLE LINES – Experimental Music Concerts

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Hanoi: Wed 06 Mar 2013, 8 pm
Hanoi Rock City

HCMC: Fri 08 Mar 2013, 8.30 pm
Darts Darts Darts

From The Onion Cellar:

THE ONION CELLAR proudly presents the Vietnam leg of the INVISIBLE LINES tour, pairing ARCN TEMPL and CHOD (side projects of The Observatory members) with local experimental artists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For sure, this will be an uncompromising affair, but pure transcendental beauty is bound to be found under the seemingly endless layers of sounds – sometimes intricately crafted and arranged, sometimes results of unadulterated improvisations. 
One year (to the day!) after that unforgettable Onion Cellar showcase of Japanese noise assaults, it is time to reaffirm that statement: We don’t care about music anyway.., we make (and promote) it – that’s all.

The events are organized in association with Hanoi Rock City (in Hanoi) and Sàn Art (in Ho Chi Minh City). Media partner: Hanoi Grapevine.



ARCN TEMPL (Singapore)

arcn templ

ARCN TEMPL is a side project of Leslie Low and Vivian Wang from The Observatory (Singapore), arguably one of Asia’s most adventurous bands. As ARCN TEMPL, Leslie and Vivian has been collaborating on numerous experimental cross-platform productions with both Singaporean and international artists, often subverting the norm of a rock arena type concert to perform in fittingly unique settings (such as playing live in a dark pentagonal room formed by screens while remaining invisible to the audience).

In 2010 the duo released their debut release Emanations of a New World through the US label Utech Records, recounting childhood memories surrounding a mythological theme park in Singapore called Haw Par Villa. The odd but colorful collection contains a strange mix of characters and familiar tales from Chinese mythology and folklore, mixed in with earthy depictions of modern life and the Chinese concept of hell. The mutual love and dread of the park is told over eight recordings. Voice, guitar, percussion and other traditional instrumentation weave a cloth of surreal bliss, eeriness and horror.

CHOD (Singapore)

chod KL

Dharma (from The Observatory) and Shaun Sankaran (of Dream State Vision and MFB) make up the duo CHOD. The name comes from a Tibetan Buddhism practice meaning ‘cutting through the ego’ or ‘dissolving of the ego’. The duo combines spirituality, the art of ancient chants with analog and electronic noise which takes one back to early man, invoking the process of purification from within. CHOD was formed in July 2012 and have performed a few times in Singapore at Earthbound (an experimental music showcase initiated by Shaun and Dharma), notably one on the same bill with Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug. At the moment they are in the midst of recording their debut album.

JRG_ONE (US/ Hanoi)


JRG_ONE’s previous live appearances in Hanoi saw his woven sonic textures crafting a delicate (yet equally haunting) take on experimental music. Prepared samples, field recordings, synth tones and sequences, live vocal looping and other sound sources are combined to create soundscapes that alternate between dark ambient drones and waves of ghostly, ethereal beauty, all set to a visual backdrop of slowly decaying analog videotape. Not unlike the sound design from a David Lynch movie.


dan henneberry

In the words of the visual philosopher Leigh J Mccloskey “I think everyone has experienced a creative feeling, when writing or drawing, and as soon as you try to put it into words it dissipates and disappears”. This feeling of losing something as soon as it is written down has led DANIEL HENNEBERRY to the field of improvised electronic music, championing spontaneity over formality. Primarily a guitar player in a number of Hanoian projects (Van Der Beard, Electronic Acupuncture, Now That The Ground Has Stopped Trembling) treading the common ground between folk, drone and shoegaze, Daniel uses a non laptop approach to his sonic soundscapes and instead opts for effects units to process sounds created from a range of sources.

MOETH (France/ Singapore/ HCMC)


MOETH is a two-piece drone/doom/experimental metal band based in Saigon. Formed in 2011 by the Singaporean drummer Mohamad Wahid & the French visual artist/musician Thierry Bernard-Gotteland, they are influenced by the classic ‘Seattle sound’ and bands like Earth or Sunn O))), the sounds of the emerging and noisy Ho Chi Minh City, and modern poets such as Charles Baudelaire, Stephane Mallarme, James Joyce etc. Elsewhere, Mohamad used to drum for the stoner-rock group AKAT (RIP) before playing an active role in Saigon’s underground scene; while Thierry is a talented electronic musician in his own right (à la Raster-Noton) and puts on events in Saigon with his friends from the Institute of Lower Learning.

HYO JUNG KIM (South Korea/ HCMC)

hyo jung kim

From South Korea and currently based in Saigon, HYO JUNG KIM started doing free improvisation to put an end to her love/hate relationship with the violin; since then, she has been on the path to reconciliation. HYO JUNG used to play an array of musical instruments including samulnori (traditional Korean percussion music), nong-ak (traditional Korean farmers’ music), flute, piano, pipe organ and violin but initially did not know why she grabbed those instruments to make sounds. A new approach was born starting with the violin; while performing, HYO JUNG explores things spotted in ‘that moment’, at the same time paying careful attention to reactions from the audience and other performers, making sounds in response to those. Pure improvisation.


van thanh trung

Talent and an uncompromising attitude together land the young guitarist VAN THANH TRUNG a firm position in Saigon’s underground music scene. His sound is a blend of experimental rock, psychedelic, noise and shoegaze. Once a member of the short-lived punk/funk outfit Purple Balloon, he took the solo path in 2011 to discover his own musical identity, and hasn’t looked back since.

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For more information and updates, please follow the official Facebook event page.

Hanoi Rock City
27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Darts Darts Darts 
224A Pasteur – District 3, HCMC


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