Exhibition “Bonne Nuit” (Good Night)

Exhibition “Bonne Nuit” (Good Night)

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Bonne Nuit-5hadows

Opening: Thu 18 Apr, 5 pm Exhibition: 18 Apr – 02 09 May 2013 21 NORTH 49 Lang Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From the organizer: “Bonne Nuit” is 5hadows first solo exhibition. It contains a collection of new and unseen drawings inspired by nighttime, dreaming and the unconscious mind. Artist’s statement Bonne nuit (Good night) is the mirror of one’s mind; dreams within dreams, within dreams, within dreams… One can see it as a reflexion on society or, more simply, an interesting creature to look at. It’s up to the viewers to interpret it as they may please. Bonne Nuit is the outcome of what I call automatic drawing. What comes to mind comes on paper; do not think, just keep drawing and dreaming.


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