Hue – Installation Exhibition “Collections”

Hue – Installation Exhibition “Collections”

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Exhibition Collections-Dorothee Berkenheger

Opening: Sat 13 Apr, 5 pm
Exhibition: 13 Apr – 01 May 2013
New Space Arts Foundation

From the organizer:
You are invited to the installation art exhibition “Collections” of artist DOROTHEE BERKENHEGER. According to the artist: “The idea for an exhibition in Vietnam developed from my interest in _„special objects“ of different foreign cultures and the import of cultural characteristics. The collections of everyday objects adopted in my work are transformed into objects without use.

This transformation is defined by a time-intensive working process with calm and steady steps. Here, “Time” is a crucial component in my work. Not only the “collections”, but also all other site-specific works I create (with yarn, wood and other different materials), are long term projects.

The basis for the planned show in Hue is a collection of three works, which deal with the theme “collection” in a different manner. For my presentation, I will develop new, digitalized versions of three Installations (Installations with slide-projectors, Frauentorgarben 71, PP). In combination with these projections, I plan to create a new installation, with collections of objects I will find in Hue (the lime pots- digitalized). The digital projections will engage with the newfound objects and will comprise a spacefilling installation.

The theme “collection“ has been of large fascination and importance in my work for a long time. Not only is my interest in the characteristic cultural background of the objects, but also in possessing every single piece I can find from one product and then working with it: to study the variety, the endless variation of similarity, the very small differences.”

New Space Arts Foundation
2nd Floor, Number 15 Le Loi, Hue City
Tel: +84 543 600 668


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