Ilza Burchett – The Mystery of the ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ of Lolo...

Ilza Burchett – The Mystery of the ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ of Lolo Zazar

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The exhibition ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ by artist Lolo Zazar at Module 7, presents a series of works that combine equally the characteristic elements of art with those of design.

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-02

The title immediately raises a question: why does the artist identify his works as ‘Light Objects’, but still calls them ‘Unidentified’?

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-09

The series of ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ in this exhibition share their utility value with humble utilitarian light objects: the light box, the lamp-shade, the lantern…

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-08

Created on the model of the ‘light box’, where a light source from within a box-like structure illuminates images — painted or printed, sculpted or carved — on its outer transparent surfaces, Lolo Zazar’s ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ appropriate functionality,

The light box form is unpretentiously appealing precisely because of its readily apprehended display features: it is designed to illuminate anything placed on its surface, and this simple function is what makes it pragmatically useful.

That is why the presentational character of the ‘light box’, its generic appearance and impersonal visual disposition are much exploited by artists and designers alike.

But, the different values assigned to art and design are based strictly on their functionality, and because of that, the underlying ‘self-indulgent uselessness’ of art is separated from and in opposition to the underlying ‘practical usefulness’ of design.

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-11

From this determining position of functionality, Lolo Zazar’s light objects have no clearly discernible identity.

And so, the ambiguity of his ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ project is established, ironically illuminating this separation of a work of art from that of design on the basis of the uselessness of an art object and the usefulness of a functional object.

The artist carries this meditation on values throughout his work with skill, wit and good humour.

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-12

His imagery is mimicking its subject, mockingly placing the photo-graphic image of the source (a light bulb) in front of its actual effect (the light) or… projecting a generic man’s face wearing sunglasses …


With this exhibition Lolo Zazar’s ‘Unidentified Light Objects’ illuminate his pop – art – ironic- play on paradox and mentally constructed trompe l’oeil of visual puns.

Unidentified Light Objects-Lolo Zazar-05

The artist elegantly demystifies their identity as defined by art.

Ilza holds the deep conviction that there is nothing more damaging than indifference and that only a critique, based on peer to peer assessment of contemporary art practices, is the way to broaden and encourage the creative thought and new original artistic ideas — fostering a better understanding of contemporary visual art and the role of the artist as a creator of cultural values.
Ilza Burchett is an internationally exhibiting artist, now based in Hanoi, Vietnam.


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