SOLO FOR A CHOIR Installations

SOLO FOR A CHOIR Installations

SOLO FOR A CHOIR-Nguyen Trinh Thi

Opening: Thu 18 Apr 2013, 6.30 pm
Video-Installation: 19 – 24 Apr 2013, 10 am – 7 pm
Live Performance: 25 – 27 Apr 2013, 10 am – 7 pm
Special Performance and Art Talk: Sun 28 Apr 2013, 7 pm
Goethe Institut

From Goethe Institut:

It’s a kind theater, or an exhibition in which the exhibits are not pieces of artwork but the artists themselves – caught in a moment of their realities.

In this series, the artist is exploring possibilities for combining video installation with performance art and experimental theater, and for possibilities of preserving differences of individuals while creating a sense of collective experience.

Live Performance

For 3 days, a number of artists will rotate in presenting themselves as exhibits. The exhibition will change from hour to hour depending on the number of and which artists will be there at each hour.

SOLO FOR A CHOIR-Nguyen Trinh Thi 1

Special Performance and Art Talk

Live performance with all artists who have appeared in the video and human installations.
Art talk: Nguyen Trinh Thi presents the process of working with the artists in her performance video series from Unsubtitled (NhaSan Studio 2010) and Que Faire (2011-12) to Solo for a Choir (2013).

Participating artists

Dương Tường, Nguyễn huy an, phạm Thu Thuỷ, Nguyễn xuân Sơn, Nguyễn Quốc Thành, Nguyễn mạnh Đức, lê Thị lương, Vũ Đức Toàn, bill Nguyễn, Nguyễn Trinh Thi, Nguyễn Trần Nam, Trương Quế chi, Nguyễn Văn Song, Ngô Thành bắc, lê huy hoàng, Nguyễn ban ga, Vũ Tiến Đại, Nguyễn mạnh hùng.

Nguyen Trinh Thi

 Nguyen Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based independent filmmaker and video artist. She studied journalism and photography at University of Iowa; and international relations and ethnographic film at University of California, San Diego. Her documentary and experimental films have been screened at festivals and art exhibitions in Asia and Europe – including Bangkok Experimental Film Festival; Kuandu Biennale, Taipei; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum; Stenersen Museet, Oslo; Oberhausen International Film Festival; and ZKM Karsruhe.
Free admission.

The project was sponsored by The Denmark-Vietnam Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF).

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